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Dec 16, 2007 10:52 PM

Christmas Day or New Year's Eve in Albany?

I just recently moved to Albany, and my in-laws are visiting for the holidays. We will probably be cooking Christmas dinner, but there is an off chance we may decide to go out instead. Are there any good restaurants open on Christmas Day? (Even better if they're doing a traditional Christmas dinner.)

We will definitely be going out for dinner on New Year's Eve. Any recommendations for that night?

(If anyone has suggestions for where to go after dinner on New Year's Eve, to ring in the New Year, those would be welcome also! Perhaps even better would be a restaurant taking late reservations and ringing in the New Year there.)


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  1. The best Chinese restaurant I have been to outside of NYC is Emperor's at 10 Wolf Rd, Albany, NY. It's not fancy, but the food is very fresh. It should be open those days.

    1. 2nd Emperor's - great service and good food.

      Other than that - Jack's Oyster House is open 365 days a year.

      1. Type of cuisine? Atmosphere? Price range? Can the restaurant be near vs. in Albany?

        Jack's is a good suggestion. If I was going out to dinner in the tri-city area for the holidays I would check out The Glen Sanders Mansion in Scotia ( They should be open for New Year's Eve. Not sure about Christmas, when many restaurants are closed. Their new restaurant, Aperitivo Bistro, could be a fun place for New Year's Eve. It's right near Proctor's Theater. Also, Tosca Grille in Troy (American cuisine, And of course there are some restaurants on Wolf Road. McGuire's? I have not been but it gets a lot of love on this Board.

        1. Avenue A on Delaware Ave in Albany is open on New Year's Eve

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            You could also try Saratoga - Chez Sophie is open both days I think. I second the rec. for Avenue A - DH and I were just there and had good food and good (if a bit pretentious) service. McGuires IMHO is the best restaurant in the area so you couldn't go wrong there.