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Dec 16, 2007 09:16 PM

Parallel 33? (San Diego)

We once ate at Parallel 33 in Hillcrest, San Diego, about 2 years ago. The appetizers were good, and the mains acceptable, but the menu did not look interesting enough for many return visits, and we have not been back yet. I've noticed occasional recommendations for this place, but I get the impression that many of you may not have eaten there in a while, either. The online menu looks almost unchanged from what I remember of a couple years ago.

Now, I read that Jayne's Gastropub in North Park has the chef from Parallel 33. (According to a review on Perhaps they were getting bored.

Anyone have recent experience at Parallel 33? Is it worth checking out again? Has it improved, or gone downhill?

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  1. I think most of the reccommendations for Parallel 33 were when Amiko Gubbins was the executive chef. She left to do the private chef thing for Lenny Kravits. There was a media blurb about her recently saying she was back in town with a new project (can't remember what it is). I don't know anyone who has been to Parallel 33 since she's been gone. The times I've driven by it looked almost deserted.