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Dec 16, 2007 09:06 PM

any new/good in PuertoVallarta?

We're going to be in PV in Jan, and I'm wondering if there's anything new and different that has shown up there or Nuevo or Bucerias or Mismaloya. Or anything we might have missed the last several times we were there. Basically, I guess what I'm asking is what do you like there? and why?

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  1. Don't know about Mismaloya but if you have been to Frascati in La Cruz and Mezzogiorno in Bucerias you have been to the newest. Both are Italian with very good food and a beach view at Mezzogiorno. If you know Aduatos in Bucerias it has moved to a new location but still on the beach. Best new restaurant in PV is Tikul at the Marina by the La Palapa people so it has a different but similar menu.

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      We've been to Adauto's and enjoyed it. Where'd he move to? We first encountered him as a waiter at the retaurant at Los Tules many years ago. Where on the beach is Mezzogioro(in relation to where Adauto's was last year, if you know that)?

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        Adautos Beach Club a new address
        AV. DEL PACIFICO #11 "A"
        BUCERIAS NAY. TE. (01329) 298-2790

        They were at 202, so just a little down the beach.
        Mezzogiorno is at 33 and is the last restaurant just before Pacifico dead ends.

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          Just got back from NV (Villa del Palmar Flamingos). Went to Adauto's on a recommendation from the front desk AND the bellman. The bellman took out an old card and wrote "10% discount" and handed it to me when I got in the cab. My whole family enjoyed the meal immensely. In fact, later in the week, my wife and I went back (sans kids) for a more relaxing meal. The owner(?) or manager(?) remembered us, repeated the 10% discount, and gave us mini-mango cocktails on the house. Recommended: Shrimp Fajitas with more shrimp than I've ever seen

    2. We adore the seafood platter at Miguel Angel Restaurant (in the town square of Bucerias). The platter is very large... hubby and I are both big eaters and leave stuffed. It is an outdoor palapa type place. The seafood is incredibly fresh and he serves Indio beer (which can be hard to find). The owner, Miguel, is extremely accomodating...

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        I visited Miguel Angel based on kmallett78's review and, I gotta say, I will never be back. I'm a local, so to speak--I moved to the area from Los Angeles about a year ago. Though this area is lacking in restaurants of L.A.'s caliber, there are plenty of tastier options than Miguel Angel.

        Miguel Angel has a great location and looked to be just kitschy enough for us to love it. It comes complete with the parrot cage and the one-man band who can't sing in either English or Spanish playing Beatles covers with his Casio keyboard and his guitar. We plopped ourselves down and were ready to order our usual overabundance of food. But when they brought us the pico de gallo, which was obviously old, we dropped our order down to one dish--the pulpo en ajillo (chile sauce). Very bland, quite greasy, and VERY overpriced. The place obviously caters to gringo tourists.

        That said, here are my recommendations:

        Famar--standard Mexican, very fresh and reasonably priced (on the East frontage road of the highway, near centro)
        The seafood cart in the plaza--delicious seafood salad with shrimp, scallops, oysters, and on and on. One salad serves two.

        Sayulita Fish Taco--get some incarnation of the Baja Fish Tacos. Don't bother to stray (off the plaza next to the church).
        Rico's Taco cart--the best! Only tacos. (in front of Olas Altas tienda, nights only)
        Antonia's--anything here is good, especially the pozole (in a private home; on the road into town walk South past the plaza one block, make a Right at Bungalos Jacqueline and Antonia's is on your left behind the corner house).

        Marlin de Tepic--try the Shrimp Sarandeado or the Aguaschiles (right on the highway)

        Don't waste your money on Cafe des Artistes unless you can't get gourmet food where you live. I spent a lot of money there once to have a completely unmemorable meal.

        Tacon de Marlin--as soon as you get in to the airport (as long as it's not a Monday) cross the pedestrian bridge, right underneath the ramp on the opposite side is Tacon de Marlin. get the Mixed Tacon (burrito). It comes with shrimp, octopus, and marlin. Huge, cheap and delicious!
        Arrayan--you can experiment a little here, try the chapulines and then tell everyone back home you did
        Barcelona Tapas--my favorite, never a bad meal, very reasonably priced, spectacular view
        For street food, this site is usually right on:

        Keep in mind, I haven't lived here all that long so I haven't tried as many places as I'd like. Hope this helps.

        BTW, my favorite taco place in Vallarta got bought up--Tacos de los Arcos (off the malecon)--anyone know if it moved or just disappeared?

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          Wow you are a wealth of info arts4work! I'm from LA and getting married at the Villa Mia (in Mislamoya) in October 2008. Would you recommend El Arrayan for a rehearsal dinner for 40-50 people? Or maybe Agave Grill?Looking for good food and fun atmosphere- not tooooo gourmet because I don't want it to outshine dinner at the wedding reception. Also, know of any good caterers for fresh, gourmet Mexican food for the wedding?

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            We own property in San Pancho and travel often through PV. Tacon de Marlin is always the food highlight of my trips south. Excellent recommendation!

        2. Bistro Basamar is a new restaurant this year

          they actually had to move from their first location to a larger one since business is so good

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