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Dec 16, 2007 08:03 PM

Christmas Meal Ideas For 3 Eating Issues?

I'm cooking Christmas dinner & trying to figure out what to make for a main course. One person is a vegetarian and also cannot eat cheese or "bad" fats. Four of the people do not eat ham. I would like to make something other than a turkey for everyone (and something else for the vegetarian). Any ideas or good recipes? I'd like to avoid having to make 3 different main courses.

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  1. Is your vegetarian guest vegan or could a nice fish dish be a possibility? As for the don't-eat-ham crowd what about quail/goose/other small fowl that isn't turkey?

    1. Ratatouille over pasta? Kind of simple, but would meet everyones needs and still be most delicious. Offer fresh grated parm on the side...

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        How about a savory strudel made with filo and olive oil? Stuff it with mushrooms or roasted veggies like squash. It's seasonal and it has presence.

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          Along those lines, there is a trout spanakopita in Ana Sortun's cookbook or you could go all out and make salmon coulibiac -- maybe the classic is a bit heavy on butter but I bet there is a more contemporary leaner version. In any event, fish in olive oil basted pastry might be the way to go for everyone -- elegant but meets all the needs. Good luck!