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Dec 16, 2007 07:47 PM

Sunday lunch/brunch between Hollywood and Orange

I've been asked to recommend a lunch or brunch place - my folks plan to meet some friends of theirs somewhere between Hollywood and Orange - they think maybe Downey? Norwalk? I have no idea what to suggest, and searches haven't turned much of anything up.

The 'rents have a pretty limited range of what they like to eat - a great diner or something like that would be the safest bet. No fabulous Thai, Indian, or Mexican will be enjoyed for this luncheon.

Thanks for any leads...


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  1. i did a quick google search for you and found this place in downey...

    and it looks like there's a "carrows" in norwalk.

    i can't vouch for either one, but both seem like they'd work for your folks.