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Dec 16, 2007 07:24 PM

Chewy Caramels

Can someone give me some tips (recipes?!?!) for making home-made chewy caramels? Mine always turn out a little grainy, more on the crispy side and not rich or buttery tasting. I want a uniform caramel soft enough to chew but firm enough to cut and wrap. Please share your tips!


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  1. jenhen2, can you post your recipe/method?

    1. Here is the recipe I use - they come out soft and chewy and buttery, every time!

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        Ha! This is exactly the recipe I used! It sounded delicious and got great reviews, but mine were crunchy / crispy and a little grainy. It was my first attempt at home-made caramels, so maybe I just need to practice. Fortunately, I have 5 lbs. of sugar on hand, so I'll try again... :)


        1. re: jenhen2

          Crunchy or grainy caramel could be due to improper crystallization...make sure you really really really don't stir that sugar, as tempting as it may be. That recipe doesn't mention it, but you can use a pastry brush dipped in water if you need to wash down the sides of your pot. Make sure you're using a heavy-bottomed saucepan, and you may want to check your candy thermometer...I remember once I ruined two days' worth of candy making and when I was about to give up making candy FOREVER I checked the thermometer...and it turned out to be 10 degrees off! Oops...

          1. re: jenhen2

            I agree with tsfirefly--make sure your thermometer is calibrated. It sounds like the caramel has been undercooked (crunch/grainy).

            Also, you can wash down the sides of your sauce pot with a wet pastry brush. To "cheat" at this step, simply cover your saucepot while bringing the sugar/water/corn syrup mixture to a boil. The condensation will wash down the side of the pot.

            The recipe says to heat the cream, butter and sugar to a boil--are you stirring this to make sure the salt is dissolved? I don't think this is the issue, because you add it to the sugar mixture and cook again, but just wondering.

            1. re: Non Cognomina

              Thanks everyone! I think undercooking is the problem here as it's not very dark at all. I'll try it again. I wasn't sure about the stirring either but I did stir the butter stuff but not the other, but there were a bunch of grains on the side of the pot. I'll rinse it down with the brush and hopefully find some more success.

              Thanks again!!!

        2. This variation on caramels is nothing short of divine. I have had great luck getting a firm, chewy texture with this recipe. I use pecans instead of seeds, and I mix them in at the end instead of latering them on the bottom.