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Dec 16, 2007 06:07 PM

Talula- Miami Beach- good food, baaad service

A friend and I went to brunch today at Talula. While the food was good (wild rice duck salad with large chunks of duck and crisp/hot bacon got an A), the service was appalling. We were one of four tables occupied but found it nearly impossible to get coffee, water refills and the champagne we ordered. My egg order came out wrong. I asked three times for a cup of coffee and then waited 20 minutes before it magically appeared with no excuse or apology. When it was poured, half of it landed on the table and was not wiped up.

Is this normal for Talula? I hate to write it off....

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  1. I've been for brunch a couple times and never had particularly bad service, but generally the service can be somewhat hit or miss there.