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Dec 16, 2007 05:30 PM

Cafe Giovanni

I'm interested in the $45 4 courses with wines, but cannot find information on the website about what the choices of the four courses are? Anyone know?

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  1. I've had it twice in the last 3 months-one time we had a friend who could not have shellfish and the chef was very accomodating

    tuscan asparagus (fried bundles w/cheese and prosciutto) crispy baby artichokes w/a beurre blanc, homemade veal bolognese ravioi, beef short rib osso buco style and then a panna cotta for dessert

    2nd time it was a demitasse cup of gumbo, oysters w/5 sauces, shrimp decatur w/pernod sauce, veal stuffed canneloni and a sorbet for dessert

    I actually loved both meals~ the food always comes out at the right temp and the portions are a good size~and the pastas are clearly made in house

    it's a very good tasting and quite reasonably priced

    1. You don't choose the courses, the chef does unless you have dietary constraints. We've had it so many time that we ask the chef to mix it up. The usual fare is , Oysters Giovanni, Capresse Salad, an amuse of the soup of the day, Veal Ravioli bologonese and the filet. The six course $65 /no wine, serves the same 4 courses in additon to a fish and dessert, which is often tiramisu (although we've also had a raspberry and a chocolate mousse).