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Dec 16, 2007 05:27 PM

Emeril's Restaurants

I know a lot of ya'll seem to not like these restaurants, but if you had to pick one of the three, which?

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  1. Delmonico, far and away.

    They are all very good. My experiences have been excellent at all three and I also feel like I'm supporting a guy who has quietly done a lot more for New Orleans than he's given credit for. The service is excellent and the experiences have always been delightful.

    Delmonico is special because of its location on St. Charles. If you get the right table, you can watch the streetcars and the lights of the CBD. It's upscale, of course, but there's plenty of humor and a nice ambiance.

    I don't get the Emeril-bashers. He treats his employees very well and his customers even more so. And the food is incredible. It's inventive and it changes regularly. I think too many folks discount what he does because he 1) wasn't born here and 2) is a self-promoter. Like there aren't any others like that in New Orleans.

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      I am with ZydecoPlayer on this one. We have also had several excellent meals at his eponymous restaurant, Emeril's, though pre-K. Have not dined at NOLA, so cannot comment.

      I've even had two good late lunches at Emeril's in LV, though maybe not a true test. Still, they did everything right, for being in LV.

      I do like the idea of supporting a booster for NO and the Coast, but also grade hard, regardless, and both of his NO locations, that we've dined at, have done well by us.

      Side note: I find that the wine service at Emeril's exceeds what we experienced at Delmonico. The latter's list is deeper, based on memory, but the servers were not up to par - remember, this was post-K (Delmonico) vs pre-K (Emeril's), so things might have changed over time.


    2. I'm a big fan of his NOLA restaurant. I thought the food was full of New Orleans flavor, and the atmosphere was great. Delmonico's was a little pricier, and had a more upscale ambience. The steaks were good, but I wasn't overly impressed like I was at NOLA. I haven't had a great meal at the Warehouse District location.

      1. Emeril's if you must, and dine at the food bar.

        1. I am probably one of 5 people who is a fan of the flagship. Although, as much as people disparage the joint, I always see locals. I think the food is marvelous. Service is exceptionally good and attentive while portions are so large that I always share. Earlier this year I had one of the best soft shell crab salads I have ever tasted, although still no comparison to the jazz fest po-boy. I have not been to Delmonico in years but I never had a bad meal there. It is wickedly pricey though yet the atmosphere and the bar are quite swanky.

          1. I've eaten at them all pre & post K and I would say Delmonico was the best of the bunch

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              Delmonico can be fantastic, Emeril's always has a fun buzz, Nola is uneven, sometimes great and sometimes very ordinary. I like all three though.