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Any Egyptian restaurants in Montreal?

BLM Dec 16, 2007 04:38 PM

I was speaking to a Egyptian person in Montreal over the weekend. He told me, not only is there no good Egyptian restaurants in Montreal, there are no Egyptian restaurants in the city period. Do anybody know of any Egyptian restaurants in Montreal? If there're several, any of them good?

Going through the Resto Montreal site, they list 2 Egyptian restaurants in the Montreal-area. One is Restaurant Omda in Chomeday, Laval. They say Omda serves Egyptian & International specialites... serves many grilled dishes. The second Egyptian resto listed on Resto Montreal is Cafe Restaurant Jounieh in Ville St-Laurent(595 Cote-Vertu). Here's what they say "Café Restaurant Jounieh in Ville-St-Laurent is a family oriented restaurant serving Egyptian home cooked meals. Sample dishes include: foul, falafel, kochari, mahschi koussa, bamia (okra), meat fatta, grilled meat kebabs, soujouk, etc... Jounieh boasts 2 bright rooms that make it a perfect place for a meal with friends and family."

  1. hungryann Dec 16, 2007 04:46 PM

    Jounieh is the only one I know of and although I have never been I"ve heard good things about it. It also seems to be packed whenever I pass by.

    1. hungryann Jan 27, 2010 06:44 PM

      Reviving an old thread because I came upon an egyptian restaurant. It's called Le Baladi and is next to Tong Por VSL; they specialize in Egyptian fitir. I have not been but thought you might still be interested.

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      1. re: hungryann
        BLM Jan 27, 2010 08:16 PM

        What's fitir?

        1. re: BLM
          hungryann Jan 28, 2010 06:35 AM

          I think it's a type of pancake that can be stuffed with savoury or sweet fillings. I am not 100% sure.

          1. re: BLM
            SnackHappy Jan 28, 2010 10:23 AM

            If you try to google it, you'll have better luck if you spell it feteer.

            1. re: SnackHappy
              BLM Jan 28, 2010 12:09 PM

              No wonder I couldn't find anything online. Thanks.

        2. hala Jan 28, 2010 07:38 AM

          I was under the impression that Rayan, the fishmonger/resto? on Cotes des neiges, was also egyptia, but i am not sure.

          google says that this is fitir:


          That definitely looks like something i will be dreaming of untill i get to go there and try it. Has anyone ever tried it at jounieh? is it worth the treck?

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          1. re: hala
            BLM Jan 28, 2010 12:20 PM

            To the best of my knowledge Rayan has closed(unless they have relocated to somewhere else). My one time eating there, I was unimpressed with their service(I had to wait for more than an hour for my dishes to arrive, after placing my order). The food was OK at best. I was not under the impression., that they served Egyptian food.

            1. re: BLM
              hala Jan 28, 2010 03:28 PM

              I have never eaten there, but my egyptian collegue loves it.

          2. porker Jan 29, 2010 02:45 PM

            Many people would say Chateauguay is pretty much a restaurant wasteland and would be pretty much correct.
            Theres an Egyptian place I hear good things about called Coin Mechoui. Haven't tried it yet myself, but they're supposed to be pretty good, serving up platters family style. A friend of ours says they have the best chicken she's EVER had.

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            1. re: porker
              SnackHappy Jan 30, 2010 02:54 AM

              I don't know much about Egyptian food, but I like Coin Méchoui a lot. Their weekend breakfast deal is fantastic. For something like $10 per person you get Egyptian bread, ful medames, basturma, potatoes, eggs, falafel, salad, French toast.... I can't remember eveything they serve. but it's a lot of food and it's delicious.

              It's on St-Jean Baptiste in the strip mall next to the Dairy Queen, right between Cora and Cage aux Sports.

              1. re: SnackHappy
                porker Jan 30, 2010 04:03 AM

                My mother ate breakfast there a few times and says the same thing. My sister ate dinner there a few times and always said good stuff. When we mentioned to give it a try to our friends, they were like "Yeah, we ate there. You know, its the best chicken I've had anywhere."
                "Better than Chalet?"
                "Better than Tulum Chicken?"
                Apparently they season the chicken just so, then grill it. But better than Chalet, my golden standard?

                I'll have to try it myself, but I'm guessing it might fall under a sub-heading as perhaps "best grilled chicken" leaving my lust for Chalet as "best rotisserie chicken" intact...

                1. re: porker
                  hungryann Jan 30, 2010 06:34 AM

                  Tulum Chicken? Sounds intriguing...do tell.

                  1. re: hungryann
                    porker Jan 30, 2010 05:56 PM

                    The wife and I have been visiting the Yucatan coast south of Cancun before it was fashionably known as The Mayan Riviera. It was touted "The Tourist Corridor" before the mid 90s.
                    It was about this time that we first visited the ancient ruin site of Tulum. Afterward, hungry and thirsty, we strolled through the "modern" village of Tulum.
                    Lining the main drag were quite a few restaurants, tables outside, selling charcoal-grilled, split chicken. We knew they were grilling chicken by the incredible smelling smoke coming out of the cinder-block buildings.
                    Nevermind the cheap price ($2.50 for 1/2 chicken, rice, spaghetti, salad, and a coke in a bottle) but that chicken was to die for!
                    Up the road in Playa del Carmen, I'd ask a local where the best BBQed chicken is. They'd think awhile, give a few names (Pollo Pirata, Pollo Rojo, etc)but get a far-away look and say "Its pretty good, but its not Tulum Chicken!"
                    Perhaps not as intriging as you'd think, hungryman, but if you're in that part of the world, I'd suggest a stop, but the price went up since then and might run about $6!

                    1. re: porker
                      SnackHappy Jan 31, 2010 12:16 AM

                      "Perhaps not as intriging as you'd think, hungryman [...]"

                      Haha, hungryman! That's a good one, porker. From now on, I will always refer to hungryann as hungryman.

                      1. re: SnackHappy
                        hungryann Jan 31, 2010 10:01 AM

                        :D LOL Porker must know me...I can put away as much as any hungry man if not more! Most of you would be scared at what I could eat if health and calories weren't a consideration! The choice of my chow name was not random, it was indeed a play on hungryman!
                        Thx for the Tulum story. I figured it made reference to something in that area. I may be going next month to Playa del Carmen so I will check it out hopefully.

                        1. re: hungryann
                          porker Feb 9, 2010 03:40 AM

                          Yeah, sometimes the typos on these threads are funniest of all (and I've been painfully reminded of mine - haha!)
                          Theres a thread on oyster shooters and someone had mentioned a "pee sized ball of wasabi". I thought that was pretty funny.
                          hungryANN, if you do go to Playa, check out the street vendors near the town square (south end of town near the Cozumel ferry dock) in the morning. They have some amazing pork sandwiches (tortas) that I still daydream about. Get there early 'cause by 9:30 or so, thay are gone.

                2. re: SnackHappy
                  kpzoo Jan 30, 2010 05:38 AM

                  Thanks for the tip! Always looking for interesting brunch/breakfast fare.

                  I wasn't familiar with St-Jean Baptiste so I did the Google and learned that this place is in Châteauguay, which is on the South Shore (off the island) for those new to Montreal. Here are the deets:

                  Coin Méchoui
                  72, boul. St-Jean-Baptiste - Local 123
                  South Shore, Québec, J6K 4Y7
                  Tel.: 450.716.1213

                  1. re: kpzoo
                    mainsqueeze Jan 30, 2010 05:56 AM

                    I love the brunch at Coin Méchoui. For the price it's a really great deal. Snackhappy forgot to mention that they also give you a plateful of honey for dipping the bread... Yum! The service is really friendly, too.

                    1. re: kpzoo
                      SnackHappy Jan 30, 2010 05:57 AM

                      Thanks for posting the address, kpzoo. I'm feeling particularly lazy today. Since porker had already mentionned Chateauguay, I didn't bother mentioning it.

                      I don't know how the breakfast compares to what you can get on Côte-Vertu an in Laval, so I'm not sure if it's worth schlepping out to the boondocks. It's certainly a great option if you're in the Chateauguay area, though.

                      1. re: SnackHappy
                        kpzoo Jan 30, 2010 06:07 AM

                        > Since porker had already mentionned Chateauguay, I didn't bother mentioning it.

                        Ah - duh, indeed he had - I was only reading today's posts and missed the earlier one.

                    2. re: SnackHappy
                      kpzoo Oct 24, 2011 10:16 AM

                      On the way back from apple-picking in Franklin this weekend, a group of us stopped in for brunch at Coin Méchoui in Chateauguay. It was dark, filled with photos of the pyramids and decorated with assorted Egyptian kitsch - and we had no idea what to expect from the food.

                      We all took the brunch special ($13 til 2 pm on the weekends) and everyone LOVED it. Platters served family style with extremely tasty dishes. A few of my faves were the potatoes in a creamy reddish-tinged garlic sauce, the falafel, the foul mesdames bean stew, and the silky hummous. Grilled whole-wheat baladi bread, hard-boiled eggs, omelette, basturma, tomato-cucumber-feta salad were also flavourful. The coffee was excellent - strong and rich. As we were all sighing with satisfaction after our feast, out came a "dessert" course of French toast and syrup, followed by mint tea. It was the perfect end to a most satisfying meal.

                      Thank you so much, porker & SnackHappy, for the tip about this hole-in-the-wall - I never would have known about it, nor been tempted to stop in when driving by. A wonderful experience with fabulous food and warm service, which I can't wait to repeat - even worth a special trek over the Mercier Bridge. I'm also intrigued by the reports of the better-than-Chalet-chicken so will have to try that at some point, too.

                      Coin Méchoui (Egyptian)
                      72, boul. St-Jean-Baptiste - Local 123
                      Tel.: 450.716.1213

                      Coin Mechoui
                      72 Boul Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Chateauguay, QC J6K4Y7, CA

                      1. re: kpzoo
                        porker Oct 24, 2011 01:53 PM

                        "even worth a special trek over the Mercier Bridge"

                        Thats one strong statement, kpzoo, bordering on lunacy IMO - hehe.

                        1. re: porker
                          kpzoo Oct 24, 2011 05:19 PM

                          Let me rephrase slightly:

                          "even worth a special trek over the Mercier Bridge - but NOT during rush hour" ;-)

                          1. re: kpzoo
                            porker Oct 25, 2011 03:47 AM

                            ...or during work closures, or during emergency works, or every second Tuesday, or Kwanza, or.....{;-/)

                        2. re: kpzoo
                          kpzoo Dec 21, 2011 01:34 PM

                          Took another group of friends to Coin Méchoui for brunch - they adored it and sent me thank-you notes afterwards. This time I scored a takeout menu and will post it here in case anyone's interested.

                          The waitress stopped by with a mixed grill platter on her way to someone's table and the meat-eaters at our table salivated.

                          1. re: kpzoo
                            kpzoo Dec 21, 2011 01:37 PM

                            Whoops - seem to have posted page 1 of the menu twice - here's page 2, hopefully.

                            1. re: kpzoo
                              hungryann Dec 22, 2011 11:41 AM

                              Thanks kpzoo. I'm going to gather a small group and go there for brunch during this holiday season.

                              1. re: hungryann
                                porker Dec 22, 2011 02:01 PM

                                Just FYI,
                                I just learned there may be urgent, un-planned work required on the Mercier Bridge shortly. To better plan your trip (you can use other bridges) maybe just check if theres any partial closures here

                                1. re: porker
                                  hungryann Dec 23, 2011 01:03 AM

                                  Thanks for the heads up!

                    3. m
                      Montreal_eater Nov 8, 2011 08:23 PM

                      After reading this post, I made the trek to Chateauguay. I visited Egypt a few years ago on a typical tourist junket and enjoyed the food. Very tasty stuff, so I was happy to try out this place. Liked it a lot. The foule was good and it was just nice to have a different breakfast from the usual eggs/waffles etc.. The service was lovely, and the coffee was delicious. Very nice indeed. I'd return.

                      1. kpzoo Feb 19, 2012 09:38 AM

                        I visited the new location of Coin Méchoui with a group for brunch. As was reported in the 2012 Openings thread, they have moved across the street to another strip mall, at 77B St-Jean-Baptiste, Chateauguay.

                        Sadly the new restaurant lacks much of the the charm and coziness of the smaller space. There is a long bank of windows, bringing in light and airiness, but the place is now at least five or six times bigger than it was before. There is corner space for live performances, a "lounge" area near the front cash, a mysterious separate white-table-and-chaired area in the front corner (forgot to ask what it was for) and they now sell grocery and other items like tea glasses.

                        The service was friendly as usual and the food was delicious as ever, though they were missing a couple of the usual items - hard-boiled eggs, basturma and the tomato-cucumber-feta salad. The cavernousness of the new space just takes a way a bit from the whole experience. It's now difficult to feel even a little like you could be eating brunch on some Cairo side street.

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