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May 23, 2000 05:20 PM

Looking for BBQ caterer in Santa Barbara/Santa Ynez

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My fiancee and I are hosting a barbeque for a large group in the Santa Ynez area. Can anyone recommend a BBQ caterer that prepares food onsite? We're looking for place that offers a basic menu at a reasonable price, along the lines of Dr. Hoggly Woggly's in LA -- e.g. tri-tip, chicken, beans, corn on the cob, pasta salad, etc.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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  1. try Stephen's Strictly Catering From the Arroyo Grande area. I know his does alot down there. Also, try JR , JR's catering at the pork palace in buellton. No number from him but Stephens number is 805 489-6681. He has done a few things for me and always very professional. Good luck.