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Dec 16, 2007 04:17 PM

Thoughts on 15 in Echo Park?

I live right down the street from this new-ish restaurant 15 on Echo Park Ave. I'm curious to try it although the menu didn't knock my socks off. Have any chowhounders tried it? Loved it? Hated it? Let me know. I was considering taking my parents there while they are in town. We always like to try new places together.

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  1. Go to The York.
    I wish I had time to go, but gotta work...craving their burger, their fries, the peach cobbler, and a lot of beer.

    1. It's the perfect place to take parents. The food is fine, but as you say, the menu is not too exciting. Nice atmosphere, reasonable prices. Certainly not a destination from other areas, but a big step ahead for Echo Park, at least until Cafe Stella's Artisan opens down the street.

      1. I think this place is definitely worth it if you can make the early bird meal. I believe it's $15 for a 3 course meal, between 5-7PM. There are a few options to try but basically you get a starter, entree and dessert. Good deal I think. I felt the food was pretty good with potential to get better.