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Dec 16, 2007 03:27 PM

meringue powder anyone?

i want to make royal icing and most of the recipes require meringue powder +/- cream of tartar. does anyone make thos without these ingredients? and where can i buy meringue powder in west end/NDG area? also what about the raw egg whites? is this safe? want to try it for cookie decorating but have some reservations. let me know, thanks

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  1. Howdy!

    Doing a quick search for "meringue powder" leads me to this website: and I would heartily agree with them that using raw egg whites is ok in the 21st century, and that a real meringue would be fine, if not better than powder.

    1. I haven't seen meringue powder anywhere but at Ares, but then, I went there to buy some baking supplies and needed that also. If I had some left I would give it to you, but I'm 99% sure I've used it all.

      As far as the egg whites go, I wouldn't worry about it. If you use fresh eggs, there shouldn't be a problem - but I would advise again pregnant women or very small childer (under 1) from eating any.

      Good luck!

      1. wilton makes a meringue powder that most places that carry cake decoration stuff will carry. Sorry can't tell you where to go in montreal to get it i am new in town.

        i just did my christmass cookies with royal icing (sugar, water, meringue powder). But i have done them before by mixing powederd sugar with milk if i don't intend to do anything other than simple piping (with #3 round tip, a star shaped tip and a leaf shaped tip) If you need to do flowers, i would look for meringe powder but if it's jsut for simple lines, making the recipe without the powder works just fine.

        1. I regularly use meringur powder to make royal icing for gingerbread men and ladies... I buy mine at Distribution Alimentare Aubut on St-Ambroise, near the Awater market. Berthelet is the company that makes it and it comes in a fairly big box (2.5kg I think) but it's pretty inexpensive and it keeps well in a dry spot where it won't jam together. As for fresh egg whites, we don,t have the salmonella problems that they may have where the hygiene standards are sketchy, I use them for baking at home, but not professionally nor for kids and elders. Anyways I hope this advice was useful so that you may enjoy the holiday cookie extravaganza as much as I do!

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          1. re: bakedbaker

            I think I've seen it at the kitchen store on Monkland. But I'm not positive.

            I'll bet a carton of egg whites would work well, should be pretty easy to find at a grocery store.

          2. I have seen powdered egg white at the organic food section of Loblaws. You can also buy ceam of tartar in any good spice section. I personally avoid raw egg as freshness is definitely an issue. You don't want to make anyone sick at holiday time. Good Luck!!!

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            1. re: crispy1

              Eating a marginal amount of raw egg whites - such as any amount ingested from the icing on cookies is absolutely safe. Unless the eggs are way past their "best by" date and haven't been stored appropriately, there are no concerns. I would worry much more about a unbusy restaurant's hollandaise sauce than someone's raw egg whites used in icing for cookies.

              I would though advise against serving them to pregnant women, young children or anyone with a compromised immune system. But that's just logical.

              1. re: maisonbistro

                yeah, but here's the thing:how do you know who has a compromised immune system? I know several adults that look and act perfectly normal but have a surpressed immune system for one reason or another.

                1. re: hala

                  You just tell people who will be eating your cookies that the icing is made with some egg whites.

                  Let them eat or not.

                  In this day and age, it really isn't an issue.

                  I have taken (have to) many food handling/safety courses, am certified and know of what I speak. Raw egg whites are not a danger to 99% of people.

                  But choosing to eat something made with them or not is totally your choice.

                  Happy Holidays