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Dec 16, 2007 03:27 PM

SLC dinner advice

I am headed to Salt Lake next week and was wondering if anyone has any info on a restaurant called Teppanyaki. I believe it is located somewhere near 1700 S. and 300 W. If anyone knows the restaurant please let me know what is good there. How does it compare to benihanas, what to order etc. Thank you in advance.

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  1. That's so funny, just ate there last night on a whim. My wife and I were inexplicabley in a festive mood and were thinking of Benihana but with downtown parking what it is we decided to give Teppanyaki a try. It's really the same set up as Benihanna, with a few more appetizer options and a more robust sushi menu. We didn't have sushi, as we opted for the "ultimate feast" for two. The ultimate feast came with a couple appetizers that were pretty forgettable. Some chicken wings that were basically just battered and deep fried with nothing particularly Asian about them, even some dipping sauces to accompany them would have been nice as they were pretty plain on their own. It also came with two beef skewers sitting in a pool of overly sweet sticky teriyaki sauce. I would recommend just ordering indivudual entrees since you get enough food with your meal. The soup is the same clear onion broth they have at Benihana except a little more watered down. The house fried rice was great. And the vegetables, shrimp, steak and chicken were all on par with what Benihana has to offer, along with the customary dipping sauces. Our teppanyaki chef had a few more tricks up his sleeve than I'd ever seen at a Benihana, but it could just be they're a little newer to the trade and not yet tired of their schtick. The atmosphere is a lot more upbeat and I would say prices are more reasonable. The crowd seems a lot younger, and the place is very spacious so you don't have the wait you would typically encounter at a Benihana. I would go back. It's right off the 21st South exit, between the Home Depot and Costco. Have fun!