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Dec 16, 2007 03:21 PM

Is there good Chinese anywhere?

What the hell ever happened to Green Dragon in the Bronx?? They used to be pretty outstanding. A decent alternative to Tung Hoy in Larchmont (now closed RIP). I ordered shrimp fried rice which was dry, lacked any flavor and was less than your standard cookie cutter-formula-take out crap. They really seemed to have given up, I almost want to say something to them. New chefs? new managemwent? no quality control? A big dissapointment.

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  1. Do you mean in the Bronx only? If you mean only the Bronx, I can't help you and if you mean in all of the Outer Boroughs then... well.... I don't know if I can help you.... but in a different way.... ::Hugs Flushing::

    1. Most of these places have the fried rice already made up in huge batches. Then they just add the specific ingerdiant you requested, EG: shrimp, chicken, or whatever.
      The way around that is to order Yang Chow fried rice (some places refer to it as 'young chow') It's a lighter (no soy sauce) version and, at least where I live) they make it fresh to order.It doesn't cost any more than House Special fried rice. It also tastes much better. Many commercially prepared Cantonese dishes have too much salt anyway so you are better off on more than one count.

      1. Try King Yum on Union Tpke. in Queens. I liked Tung Hoy better, but this is pretty good. Try the Shrimp Soong. Unfortunately, nobody has Egg Rolls like Tung Hoy's!

        1. As a follow up, I never gave up on them, they seemed to have gotten their act together. I dont know if they have a new chef or possible owner but they are back!!!

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            Glad to hear that they're back. I haven't eaten at Green Dragon, but it kind of sounds like old-school from what I gather. There's another decent old-school place called Golden Gate in Riverdale.

            1. re: Miss Needle

              Golden Gate does well with most old-school dishes - sweet and sour pork, egg foo young, lobster cantonese, egg rolls and superlative spare ribs (really, the best of that type I've ever had). It's a real time warp, and fine if you stick to those kinds of dishes and avoid anything that wouldn't have appeared on the menu in 1955.

              Funny thing, though - their fried rice, which you'd expect to be good, is not worth ordering.

              1. re: Striver

                Green Dragon is basically old school and thats what I love! All the good dishes. They did expand to serve sushi, I believe they did that when things were slowing down, but their Cantonese is very good again. Great Mai Tai's too!

                I tried Golden Gate from reading the reviews from this site, and I liked it. If I lived closer I would eat there often, good old school Chinese.

                I highly reccomend King Yum on Union Turnpike in Queens for good Cantonese.