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Tap house in Tuckahoe

Apparently, this new place is opening up in the old spot of Rockwell's. The new place is owned by the same group that owns Morgan's, Ruby's, Rye Grill and Lexington Square Cafe. It is due to open on Tuesday (12/18). It is described as an upscale gastro-pub.

I can't tell you how psyched I am that Tuckahoe seems to be getting on the map with surprising restaurants. I have high hopes for this one. I have a reservation in the new year. Will report back.

There was an 'open house' today. Did anyone make it?

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  1. Sounds interesting. Of course these new places have to open up a few months after I move 400 miles away. I'll have to check it out when I go visit family for the holidays.

    1. On Opentable, the chef is listed as Will Savarese. From google, he used to be the previous chef at La Crémaillère, has worked at Le Cirque and The River Cafe, and was going to be the opening chef at X20. Should be interesting!

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        Interesting indeed.

        juweee, where is the location, exactly? Sounds like a place to be noted.

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          yeah the restaurant is right across the street from the metro north station.

      2. http://www.thejournalnews.com/apps/pb...

        This says they are 16 depot square. According to google maps it looks like it's right by the Tuckahoe train station. Sounds promising!

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          Thanks, SweetPea. I wonder if the chef will bring with him the 'amazing to die for' snail with pasta appetizer?

          I know, of course he won't, but if he was capable of making a dish like that, this is a 'must try out' place.

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            Being a Tuckahoe resident, I know the answer to this one, I will second SweetPea, it is in fact located at 16 Depot Square, very large lettering Tap House, can't miss it.

          2. I'm very exicted about this new "hot spot". I believe Tuckahoe is on the brink of booming--and the opening of the restaurant/lounge is a strong indicator(ok-including all the condos being built on main street). I can't wait to try it out....I looks like a cozy spot!!!

            1. Went on a quick tour of the new TapHouse with owners Jim Sullivan and Jan Fabry last night...they were still in the midst of training their staff in front and back...I was told they would be opening this week...you enter from the side walkway...once inside the redesigned bi-level establishment is dramatic (there is very little from the former Rockwell's apparent)...warm tavern like front room with vintage bar, flashy rear dining room along the gleaming open kitchen with huge fireplace, then an upstairs room overlooking it all...well thought out I though on first impact.
              The opening menu includes such 'gastro-pub' small plates and grand plates as: Mussels with fennel, lemon and Belgian ale; Manchester Farms grilled quail, sweet potato salad and hoison soy dressing; Heritage Pork Porterhouse Chop, sweet potato puree, cabbage and spiced apple jus; and Hudson Valley duck Ruben, on panini or rye with 1000 island dressing, Swiss and braised cabbage. Daily Night Specials include: Braised Short Ribs. Opening prices appear moderate...

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                Gut, did you get a look at their beer line-up?

                I live in Tuckahoe, and an avid beer drinker and homebrewer (very much a beer snob) so I am extremely excited about this place. I stuck my head in there two weeks ago and asked someone if they were a micro brew, but was told they are classified as an upscale pub and will serve something like 35 CRAFT BREWS. Wow! I can’t wait to get in there are start sampling!

                1. Are they open for lunch? Im so excited to try it!

                  1. Are you sure this place is open???? I tried to go last night after months and months of waiting for this place to open. I walked in and was met by a blank stare from the hostess who, after a pregnant pause, asked if she could help me???? People were getting served and there were patrons at the bar, but I hardly felt welcome by the Tap House Staff! You need a reservation. They do not have their liquor license yet so don't think you can go for a casual drink. ALL the first day problems are understandable, but after the anticipated wait one would think that the owners would train their staff to welcome rather then chase away!

                    1. I just ate there tonight and I was quite impressed, especially for a place that's only been open about a week. It will be a *very* welcome addition to the area. The room is nice, with the vintage bar, an open kitchen, and pleasant ambience. The service was also quite good, a welcoming hostess and friendly bar/wait-staff, just maybe a few minor missteps that could be chalked up to their just-opening status. They just got their liquor license today, so their wine/beer selection was limited...however, I did get to see their list, and it will definitely have one of the absolute best beer selections in lower Westchester. An excellent tap list, plus a large bottle list that contains some of my favorites such as Delerium Tremens and Delerium Nocturnum, Ommegang 3 Philosophers, Duvel , Allagash, Rogue, Abita, etc. The food was very good too. We started with the Frisee Salad, the Quail Salad, and the Apple/Ricotta Ravioli, all excellent. For entrees we had the Skirt Steak, the Moroccan Lamb Loin, and the Tuna a la plancha, again, all excellent. The desserts were a bit more variable, including a good goat cheesecake, an OK cupcake, and good chocolate chip cookies. We will definiteley be back!

                      1. I had lunch here today and i left a very satisfied customer!!!!!
                        The inside is beautiful! If anyones been there when it was Rockwells, you will see the improvement!!
                        The service WAS a little iffy, but nothing rude or anything like that... just a little inconsistent.
                        The food was EXCELLENT! I had the field greens with herbs and a shallot dressing (very refreshing and light), the beet root carpaccio (super thinly sliced beets with a sweet, but not overpowering flavor), and the pasta with clams, prosciutto, foie gras, and i think pine nuts... OMG the pasta was perfect. All the flavors went really well with eachother, and the occasional crunch of the nuts was perfect with the otherwise rich flavors. For dessert, we had the apple crisp... nothing special, actually there was too much "crisp" which wasnt even crispy. It was actually too doughy. And the apples were overcooked and too mushy. I actually couldn't tell what was supposed to be the "crisp" and what was supposed to be apple! But the ice cream that it was topped with was good ;-)
                        Oh and halfway through our meal, we realized we didn't get any bread so we asked the waiter and he said that for lunch, people have to request bread. Which is fine, but i thought he would let us know if we had that option.
                        Also.... this wasn't a problem for me, but i could potentially see some people having issues with the portion sizes. Compared to other places (not including like family style Italian restaurants) the portions ARE very small. Small portions are fine with me because its not like i can ever finish everything anyways, but i will tell you that the field greens and the pasta were a small portion. I don't know about anything else tho and it might be because it was for lunch... just a little warning for those who like bigger portions!

                        I really enjoyed this place, and im glad we have like a nice restaurant like this in this area! I can't wait to go back for dinner!

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                        1. re: MikiLovesSugar

                          I've been waiting for the Tap House to open. I just returned from vacation and heard neighbors at a holiday gathering talking about the food. I'll get there this weekend for sure. I tried to find the menu online but haven't been able to find their website. If anyone has the right link, please post.

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                            I ate there on two nights ago and I have to tell you the food was quite good! Wait staff was VERY good as was the bartender. We had the lamb and tuna and was great. Portions could be a little larger, but was a vast improvement from my first experience. I overheard people complaining about no TV in the bar area, but if that is the only problem this place should do quite well. I drove a few miles but this is worth the trip!

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                              I finally made it last night. After viewing the menu, I had some tough choices to make because there were so many dishes I wanted to try right away. Fortunately I was with friends and we were able to nibble and share. The clam chowder was without doubt the best I have ever tasted. The presentation and freshness of the Crudo was beyond appetizing. We shared the apple ravioli and I could only wish I could have had more. For my entree I had the Skirt Steak. It was cooked to perfection and the flavor was incredible.
                              I was surprised that they opened so recently, it seemed like they have been at it quite a while. Congratulations - I can't wait to come again.
                              I am all about the food but I have to mention that the place looked great ( I would have liked a double sink in the ladies room though ) and the wait staff that assisted my table was very good. Some tweaking needed but overall a great experience with the staff.

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                                They have Crudo on the menu? I have only had that at esca in the city and was instantly in love with it. What kinds do they offer/what did you try?
                                I think just convinced my husband to go here for brunch/lunch on New Years day! :-)

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                                  I actually took a menu home with me. The Crudo is fluke, tuna and hamachi. Light, very fresh and flavorful. A great way to start a meal.
                                  I'm still looking for their website online - I don't think they have one.
                                  Enjoy your lunch.

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                              I read a couple of comments about the portion size. I didn't feel that the portions were small at all. We did order appetizers in addition to our entree, but no complaints on either for the portions. This isn't a menu that just piles on the pasta, it is more in line with fine food in an elegant/causal environment.
                              Eat and enjoy......I am so excited a restaurant like this has come close to home.

                            3. My wife and I went just before they got their liquor license. We just had the mussels which we great and sat at the bar. The place looks great inside and the bar is beautiful. It's part of a westchester/ct restaurant group. Beer selection looks great.

                              1. If your reservation is before 7pm and you happen to order one of their salads please let me know what you thought because i will be making it. Not because I work there, but the menu items are good and we strive to make every dish as close to perfection as humanly possible.

                                1. Going tomorrow night. Will report.
                                  Web site is up: http://www.taphouseny.com/

                                  1. Went last night Sat 1/5. Nice vibe, very busy. Hey, even the mayor was there.

                                    The place is beautiful. You can hardly recognize Rockwell's, they gutted everything. Beautiful bar, with a lot of brown liquor bottles, excellent selection of beer on tap, and unlike other pubs, only 2 small tv's in the corners. Sports are defnitely not defining the place. Seating on the main floor is at round tables in the front, or booths parallel to the bar. There is a lot of room between the bar and the booths, which gives a nice airy feel and accommodates loads at the bar. The kitchen is semi-open. Actually, you have to pass the kitchen to go the bathroom, which I liked. An on my way there, I noticed this wonderful room (perhaps for private parties?) with an amazing fireplace. Definitely cozy and comfortable. There are tables on the mezzanine level, but apparently not enough staff to open that area. Looks nice and comfy.

                                    Service at the bar was great. People seemed to know what they were talking about, especially about beer. The bartenders were happy to provide beer samplers. We had a 8PM reservation, but waited 1.25 hrs for our table. We just could not understand why the mezzanine was not open, with all these people waiting to be seated. I can only speak about our waiter, who was not very helpful. Could not really advise us on dishes, or desserts. He was attentive, but did not go the extra mile. Funny factoid is that we think he was the main waiting guy at the Old Stone Mill (for those of you who watched the Kitchen Nightmare episode).

                                    Considering we waiting so long for our table, we were a little bloated with all that beer, so did not eat as much as we would have liked. For appetizers, we had the crudo and the manhattan clam chowder. Both were very good and fresh, but the soup was not that memorable. We shared the skirt steak, which was perfectly cooked and served with a wonderful emulsion. We jumped right to dessert and had the apple cobbler and a chocolate fudgy cake. I liked the cobbler, but could not eat the chocolate. It was just too intense for me. Desserts were ok.

                                    Overall, we had a great time, mostly because of the ambiance, the company and the great selection of beer. I will have to give food another try, with some other staples on the menu, like the $9 burger and the everything fries. Service was spotty for us, but I am hoping these are little wrinkes that will get ironed out in the coming weeks.

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                                      juweee, you're right...the waiter you spotted had in fact been working at the Old Stone Mill and barely made it thru that disastrous episode of 'Kitchen Nightmares.' Saw him there too and he said he was happy to be out of that place...better than the tears he shed on that program. Hope he does well at 'The TapHouse'...

                                      1. re: juweee

                                        also went sat nite 1/5. place is beautiful, and was packed. noise level very high. also had to wait far too long with a 730 reservation. the beer was fine. the food, not so fine. ordered the crudo and the beets for apps. there were lots of beets, a few microscopic crumbles of goat cheese, and several leafs of frisee. nothing special. the crudo was small, unattractive, and mediocre. (other than that, it was great). wife had the tuna entree -- not bad (cooked rare as requested) but too much chickpea puree. i had the burger, which was good, but the fries were soggy. how can a gastro pub make soggy fries? skipped dessert.

                                        conclusion -- ok for burgers and beer, but otherwise, eh.

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                                          Tried lunch today. The service was definitely a LOT better. Everyone was on the ball and very eager to help. Food was just ok I am sorry to report...
                                          I had the PLT (pancetta lettuce and tomato), and I think it was on the wrong kind of bread (pain brioche, challah-like) and the bread was too thick. The home-made chips were very good, and I ate too many.
                                          A friend had the Duck Reuben, and the duck was a bit underdone, and the cabbage missed a bit of a kick. The swiss was ok. It lacked flavor. The third person in our party had the quail appetizer, which looked really good (and was bigger than I expected), but underdone for her taste.
                                          We shared the pound cake with raspberry (my third dessert there), and it was nothing to write about.
                                          The bloody mary was very good, and spicy to my liking. A side of fries was crispy and pleasantly seasoned with garlic, poppy and sesame seeds. Nice.

                                          What to say? Great decor, great beer selection, improved service, but still not impressed with the food.

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                                            juweee.......your last sentence sums this place up pretty good..........

                                        2. Last night was the 2nd time we've eaten at Tap House. On both occasions, we've had terrific food!! I thoroughly enjoyed my grilled shrimp to start and my steak frites was among the best I've had in ages! We can't wait to go back again and definitely look forward to when they have their "specials of day" ready to go. I'm a sucker for a great chicken pot pie!

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                                            My wife and I had dinner there last night and we were both really happy with all we ordered. Just moved to the neighborhood last month from Italy and i have been travelling quite a lot for diplomatic reasons.. Will settle here for a couple of years. Can't wait to come back to the tap hous, a decent selection of beer and food. PLT was delicious, i love the fact that they used Pancetta instad of bacon!!! Smart
                                            The wait staff is really polite and nice, and you can see that this place will be here for a long time, always crowded!!!

                                            Good job!!!

                                          2. Hi All,
                                            We ate here a few weeks ago and I never got around to posting.
                                            Our experience was similar to Juwee's with regard to waiting (it seems to be happening to us a lot lately!)
                                            We had an 8pm reservation. Table wasn't ready, went to the bar. I tried the South Hampton White. (I'm not much of a beer drinker, but "when in Rome"...) I actually liked this beer a lot.
                                            Around 8:45 we were finally seated. We ordered our food and a bottle of wine, our waiter was also the guy from Kitchen Nightmares, he was very nice and helped us pick our wine. I ordered the Crudo app and the Tuna a la Plancha. My husband ordered the mussels and the Moroccan Lamb.
                                            Around 10:15 and almost a bottle of wine later, our apps hadn't arrived. We were very patient until about 10pm, but at this point my husband was getting annoyed and kept complaining to me which obviously had a negative impact on our rare night out with out the baby and started making me cranky :-( .
                                            I should note that at this point the restaurant was half empty so they weren't even all that busy, but obviously very backed up on the kitchen end.
                                            A few minutes later the apps came, they were both very good, however the Crudo at Esca is MUCH better and is about the same price if not less. Then again, David Pasternack (at Esca) claims to have practically invented Crudo, so I would expect it to be better!
                                            Shortly after our apps arrived (too shortly) our entrees arrived. The food was VERY good, I loved my tuna and had a bite of my husbands lamb, which was also very good. Unfortunately at this point the mood of the evening was somewhat ruined.
                                            My husband was still complaining to me so as I saw the MOD walk by I told my husband to "stop complaining to me and talk to him" motioning to the MOD. He saw me motion and came right over to see if everything was ok. My husband explained the situation. The MOD immediately offered to take the bottle of wine off our tab. We both felt that this was above and beyond what they needed to do to make us happy. So, we left on a good note and we would definitely go back, I just hope next time they've worked all the kinks out!

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                                              We went last Friday night and I feel compelled to write about VERY disappointing seating service. We had a reservation for 8:45 and were kept waiting for at least 30 minutes. In a restaurant as large as this, that is inexcusable. The maitre'd explained that they had several large parties. We were then seated in front of the bar, not in the dining room, in an area which definitely is NOT intended for diners. When my wife complained the manager, to his credit, apologized profusely and offered us a free dessert. Our waiter was also very apologetic and very nice. And everyone else seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. Anyhow, if you reserve, let them know you read this and that you demand to be seated promptly and in the rear. That should help them get the point.

                                              Our appetites suppressed by this experience, we simply had a burger, which I would rate a B or B-. The patty was dense and spartan. The poppy seed and sesame fries were, however, quite tasty. And the breads that they serve are also delicious! Fennel and golden raisins in a bread, yummy!

                                              At the bar, they have a few nice Belgian beers and a good selection of regionals. If you want a nice sweet beer, try the Lindemans Peche.

                                            2. Four of us ate here last night and enjoyed it to the 9's. I'm not going to brag about the delicious food because I want to keep this place under the radar screen.

                                              Corkage $20. They have a 'friendly' wine list.

                                              1. Live in Crestwood and am so happy to have a nice, casual, but delicious neighborhood restaurant nearby! Ate at Tap House tonight: very traditional French bistro menu. The mussels my husband had were plump, fresh, saturated with the delicious white wine sauce. A thick crusty piece of bread was laid at the bottom of the bowl, which i thought was a little weird, until he gave me a taste - heavenly. I had the duck confit with spaetzle and brussel sprouts. Again, the brussel sprouts were a little unusual in that their leaves were separated, but they were cooked perfectly, just a little crunchy and contrasted with the soft spaetzle beautifully. The portions were smaller than usual, but that's a GOOD thing - you don't feel terrible about wasting great food by leaving it on the plate and you still have room for dessert. Desserts didn't thrill me when they were described, but the flourless chocolate cake was dense, dark essence of chocolate, so perhaps the others are worth trying. Wine list was excellent, with very nice choices by the glass, and they were served in real wine glasses (tall, elegant, nicely balanced).