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Dec 16, 2007 02:44 PM

Pollo Ala Brasa and other roasted chicken recommendations...

i absolutely love PALB, and have been going there every week. The smell of the chicken drives me nuts.

would like to hear about other chicken recommendations. i also eat at the following places...

Dino's #2 on Pico - orange-colored chicken and tasty fries
Baccali - good deal for $6, comes with rice and veggies
California Chicken Cafe - dark meat only!


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  1. I like the chicken at Coppelia's Bakery on Venice, west of Overland. This might be away from your neck of the woods, but it's pretty inexpensive (whole <$10, I believe) and nicely spicy. Pick up some papas rellenos while you're there, and a slice of cake. Their coffee is decent too, and I think they have smoothies.

    I also like the chicken at Chutney's on the corner of Barrington and...Olympic or Pico. Also a spicy (tandoori-style) chicken, even cheaper than Coppelia's. Stay away from the dosas there--bland & doughy. The green sauce, I guess chutney, is piquant and tasty so load up on that.

    Costco makes a great roast chicken, but sometimes they run out. I've heard the chicken soup they have in the deli is made from said roast chickens. The soup is good too, but not for anyone on a low sodium diet. Judging by your faves, this is not you.

    Some in my family like Boston Market because even the white meat there is unfailingly moist. It has that brined mouthfeel. I'm not that into it. It seems too commercially seasoned - with stuff I suspect is not found in most households.

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      You know, I've only had the chicken from Coppelia's once, when a friend of mine got it to-go, and it was really tasty. That being said, I'm most often in that bakery for the cookies. I duck in after visiting Cafe Brazil a few doors down.

    2. you might wanna try Sevan...a very Zankouesque chicken (and yes, they have the garlic sauce) with the usual Armenian sides, but also rice pilaf and french fries if you happen to be hummused out. good cheap Chowtype prices, too.

      Sevan Chicken
      601 W Glenoaks Blvd
      Glendale 91202

      1. Hawaiian Chicken in Chinatown. Excellent.

        1. theres a pollos a la brasa type place that i saw in a peruvian newspaper on venice blvd. in culver city

          i think its called poolos braseros or something like that. la public health site is down so i cant find it, and i cant find it on google either.... its very near my house so im gonna track it down, but in the ad they say they grill with wood.

          if someone can beat me to the punch. post it up!

          maybe tigeorges too? for haitian chicken?

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          1. re: modernist

            i think i've been there. $5 for a whole chicken. not bad!

            right next to cafe brasil on venice too right?

            1. re: eatdrinknbmerry

              actually i misspoke. looks like its further down towards la brea. not culver city...

            2. re: modernist

              I just had Tigeorges chicken for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I found it very dry.

              1. re: hpcat

                i in fact have never had tigeorges rotisserie chicken (i rarely eat this in general). i have had dinner there with multiple courses once which i thought was so so to decent.

                like any rotisserie chicken place, it all depends on turnover cuz the chicken has to be freshly roasted. if its been sitting around, then youre SOL.

                i think at a lower traffic resto like tigeorges, i'd probably call ahead and ask when fresh chickens were coming out and time it...

            3. ok, i found here:

              pollos el brasero
              5163 venice blvd la ca

              if anyone has any experience with it, i'd like to hear about it...

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              1. re: modernist

                Modernist, nice link. I've saved the pdf!

                Ips, saw the photo on the Tigeorges link. now that looks tasty, skin cooked beautifully. what is the overall flavor of the chicken? Huli Huli - when i was in hawaii, ate at a few places that had the grill/truck bed thing going on. it was fun.

                Out of the 5 times i've eaten at PALB, it's been dry twice. I was patient one time and requested a chicken straight out of the oven and it was solid. i guess the same could be said about most rotisserie places. love the smokiness of the chicken.

                Dino's... yeah that stuff is great. love the sour kick. next time, i'll ask to have the fries on the side - don't like them drowned in the sauce lagoon.

                CCC, the sides are kind of boring. but i enjoy their dark meat meal.

                Uber, is hie thee vietnamese style chicken?

                1. re: eatdrinknbmerry

                  I'm not sure Dino's will easily give you the fries on the side. I used to ask for the marinade on the side but they stopped doing it that way and insisted on pouring it over. Let me know if you are successful. Maybe a tip will help.