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Dec 16, 2007 02:15 PM

Traditional side dishes to go with a Christmas goose

Besides red cabbage and dumplings, do you have any recipes for side dishes that are traditionally served with goose at Christmas?

Thanks for any of your suggestions;)

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  1. Popovers! No recipe, but Ina Garten's looked good. Check out food network dot com.

    Not sure about tradition, but a buttery wild rice with almonds with be tasty

    1. Sounds delicious. Not sure it needs much else, but if you add anything keep it simple. Perhaps roasted carrots? They might add a nice color too. Potato salad would go nicely with the meal, but might be a little starchy with the dumplings.

      1. Potatoes roasted in goose fat... or duck fat if it's too hard to find.

        1. last year i tried a pear shallot confit in a balsamic reduction. it was amazing, and a great compliment to the rich goose, which is my new favorite xmas dinner.