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May 16, 2000 02:09 PM

Classic Lunch Spot in Pasadena

  • k

Does anyone know of a classic lunch spot in Pasadena? Could be Mexican or "Calfornia" cuisine. I saw Marsten's listed in Zagat L.A. and thought that might fit the bill.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Marston's is marvelous for breakfast--really, their blueberry pancakes and supremely crunchy French toast are unsurpassable--but the lunches are pretty spotty, unless you like your salads sweet and your sandwiches oily. Julienne in San Marino, where the blue bloods come out to play, is more pleasant at lunch in the patio-dining, big-salad-and-quiche sort of way, and I have always loved long, winey lunches at Xiomara, Latin-fusion though it may be these days, and at Yujean Kang next door. Pie n' Burger must also be mentioned.