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Dec 16, 2007 01:39 PM

Proposal in Vancouver on NYE?

Guys, I needed some advice for Vancouver dining places - I'm planning to propose to my gf in Vancouver on Dec 31st. I've been there only once before and am not too familiar with the dining.

I'm looking for somewhere that's very romantic,classy, elegant and secluded at the same time - so I can have my privacy. Somewhere with a scenic view would definitely be a plus. I've heard that some restaurants might even help you set up the whole evening.

Some of the names that I've read online were: 5 sails at Pan Pacific; Bacchus;Aurora Bistro; Yaletown's Elixir ( Opus Hotel). I have also heard a lot about restaurants on the English bay;

So any help will be much appreciated for the restaurants or any general advice on romantic places in Vancouver.

I thank you in advance!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. My opinions: Aurora is a great restaurant, but does not have the atmosphere you are looking for. No view, more casual. I personally find Elixir to have a smarmy nightclub vibe (I lived near there and tried not to go). Bacchus is private and elegant, but again, no view if that is really important. Villa del Lupo is a romantic, small place. You could walk down the water afterward? But I don't know how the food is there now, it used to be good. HAve a great night and congratulations!

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      Thanks Alex - Villa del lupo seems like it might be the place. Walking down the water afterward is a plus. How far is the waterfront?

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        about two blocks? There is a restaurant right on the waterfront in yaletown called provence marinaside. The atmosphere at night id warm, but it isn't the most elegant of places. You could maybe go there for coffee afterward? Their food isn't the greatest... their brunch is decent. When you go down the harbor, just make sure you take a right at the harbor, and not left. Left takes you to the bball courts, dog park and chinatown. Not exactly romantic.

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          Sorry, I just reread your post, and if you are interested in English Bay, there is a restaurant called Raincity Grill right on the water. The food there is reliable. THe view there is quite beautiful, it would be better in summer at dusk, but in winter it will be dark. You can walk around there after dinner on the beach into Stanley Park (but not too far in if late at night), and there are some good gelato places around there. The atmosphere at this end of Davie is a little more vibrant, while the other end at the harbor is more intimate.

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            I've eaten at Provence a few times, OK for a business dinner in my opinion but for a romantic proposal - I'm not so sure, it is a bit soulless.

      2. My vote would go to the Beachhouse, La Regalade or The Salmon House on the Hill - all in West Vancouver.

        Salmon House has a fantastic view and acceptable food. La Regelade is close to the water for a walk after- recently had a delicious lamb tangine there;beach house is on the water with a view over english bay to the lights of vancouver.

        You will need to check with all the restaurants- most will have a fixed menu and seatings for New Year's Eve.

        Another thought- Shaughnessy Restaurant at the Van Deusen Gardens. It will never win goumet awards but has decent food and you can walk in the beautiful lights of the gardens.

        Or, eat at the previously mentioned Raincity Grill or my personal fave Parkside in the West End- ask for table 10 (otherwise known as the nook) , then go to nearby Stanley Park, ride the train in the Bright Lights at Stanley Park-and propose there- you might even be able to get them to assist you. The train always stops for "Elvis" to sing- maybe he could sing a special song for you and/or the conductor could make an announcement

        To book ahead -Tickets are available at ticketmaster. They hold back some tickets for each time slot so you can always line up too.

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          "the conductor could make an announcement" - I wouldn't recommend that unless you're sure she will say yes, and not just because of the pressure!

        2. I would recommend Seasons in Queen Elizabeth Park. Gorgeous view (even if it's cloudy or rainy) and the staff is really wonderful.