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Dec 16, 2007 01:15 PM

Olympia, WA Restaurants

I'm in desperate need of some help for restaurant recommendations in Olympia, WA. My aunt and uncle are long time residents of the area and love great food. I would like to surprise them with a gift certificate for Christmas. Please let me know your thoughts. Any new restauarnts that they need to try?

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  1. I was hoping for other replies as I have family members there,, nothing new, but Anthony's has done dinner on my credit card for my family; they like it a lot.
    Based on a rec from this board I also give them gift cards from Brewery City Pizza which they appreciate.

    1. CICADA! I think it's fairly new (under a year) and (I don't know Oly very well) across from where the old Safeway downtown is/was.

      I had brunch there and it was SPECTACULAR. Easily would be a top spot in Seattle. My meal was moroccan spiced lamb chops (perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned) and scrambled eggs. My bf had fried razor clams with olive scrambled eggs. Perfectly balanced.

      Stay away from the usual "best" Oly places including Gardners (over priced, rude, had to wait for 45 mins after a reservation time (we were there on time) and the staff had their meal while we were still eating our entrees), Jean-Pierres (OMG, I cannot even tell you how horrible this place was).

      Also very good - Speedway BBQ in Lacey. YUM. They also brew their own beer.

      1. Basilico on Capital Way is an Italian-owned, elegant place, good wine list, pastas made on premises, pretty desserts.