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May 16, 2000 10:44 AM

Going to LA with 13 year old and a 4 year old

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Our family is taking it's first trip to LA in June. We are staying in Marina Del Ray and West Hollywood (@ The Standard) and would like some interesting places to eat, were my 4 year old would not be to disruptive.

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  1. Go to Angeli, on Melrose near La Brea, which not only jump-started the Tuscan cafe thing that has taken over the nation's restaurants like a bad cold 10 years ago, but has truly good food . . . and will give your four-year-old a lump of dough and invite him/her to make his/her own pizza. Dim sum in Chinatown is great with even the noisiest of kids--Empress Pavilion is the best place, Ocean Seafood the most tolerant. Border Grill is ultra kid-friendly, and loud. And kids also love the sandwichy/breakfasty stuff at Kokomo's in the Farmers Market.

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      Thanks for the suggestions, I couldn't stand a trip to LA filled with chain restaurants.

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        Though I personally could not offer much assistance, you might find this CalendarLive article highlighting high-quality, not-what-you-would-expect restaurants for children useful: