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Dec 16, 2007 12:40 PM

Anniversary Dinner for Young Couple

Hello all,

My name is Tim and I have a dilemma. I just graduated college in May, and have been living in the city since August. My girlfriend currently lives in Richmond, so I don't get to see her too often, but she'll be coming up for new year's and January is the month of our anniversary, so we figured we'd go out and celebrate it (a few days early).

We are thinking of going out on Sunday night (Dec 30th) for dinner somewhere, but I don't really know where to take her. I tried looking through the boards, but usually when people talk about anniversaries or special occasion dinners in the city it seems like they're spending several hundred dollars. I just graduated, so I'm not making that kind of money yet.

So, what I was hoping to get some help on was finding a place that serves great food, has an atmosphere appropriate for an anniversary, and could pull this off while spending less than $200 total (closer to 150 would be better). This price would include appetizers, entree, (maybe a shared dessert), and drinks (dont know if it'd be cocktails, wines by the glass, or bottle).

If money wasn't a factor, I think the tasting menu at Boulet would be among my top choices (so if there's a more affordable but still yummy tasting menu somewhere else, that could be an option).

I'm much into meat (beef, lamb) and she's much into seafood and pasta. French, Italian, or Spanish I think would be best (she's doesn't have a super adventurous palette - I'm working on it, but not too much experimentation for our anniversary dinner). Tapas / small courses could be interesting.

As far as our personalities go, I'm a corporate sellout by day and a contemporary art/indie rock appreciator by night. She majored in poetry and media studies and wants to be an English professor and has the same interests as me (outside of profession). On a typical weekend together, we would much rather go to a good bar with a good selection of beers and live music than to a ritzy club where Jay Z supposedly might stop by.

Alright, I tried to give as much information as possible (thank you to anybody still reading) to help you help me (thank you in advance).


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  1. Degustation.

    I did the tasting menu at Bouley. It's good, not mind-blowing, and with wine it will run you more than your budget. The dining room also felt pretty stuffy (nice, but stuffy -- I'm 27).

    1. Yeah, if you want great food (sounds like you do) on a budget (sounds like you have one), the sacrifice you'll have to make is space. Degustation is a pretty small place, as are all other places I can think of with great, inexpensive food. When I say that, what I really mean is that Bouley and others of its ilk are austere, sometimes stuffy (as Sugar pointed out--I am also 27).

      That being said, here are some other places to consider; all on a slightly smaller scale but very nice nonetheless:

      Blue Ribbon Bakery

      And "funkier" places:
      Via Emilia
      Le Tableau

      You sound a lot like me, and when I was a new graduate, I would have loved to eat at all of those places with my girlfriend (still do, actually).

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      1. re: jakew8

        Sugar and jake,

        Thanks for your input. I did some googling and degustation sounds like it might work pretty well for what I was hoping for.

        One problem though, originally we decided we wanted to go out on a Sunday night, so it wouldn't be so crazy and packed everywhere, but would this limit our options too much? Are there any good places open on Sundays?


        1. re: tjb9z

          I can't think of any restaurant in Manhattan that isn't open on Sunday.

          1. re: Sugar

            I couldn't find a website for Degustation, but I found a NYTimes article, and at the bottom it said they were open only from Monday - Saturday.

            So you don't think keeping it sunday will limit our options that much?

            1. re: tjb9z

              If it's closed on Sunday, I apologize. That said, almost ANY other restaurant is going to be open on Sunday. Just not Degustation apparently...

      2. Degustation is great but I find that the price really adds up.

        One of our favorite places is:

        Malatesta in the West Village, although they only serve wine and beer (

        1. There are two Italian restaurants that should fit your needs:

          Del Posto - An upscale restaurant by Mario Batali. The regular menu may exceed your budget, but the Enoteca menu offers a 4 course prix-fixe of $45 and wine pairing for slightly extra. The restaurant is certainly grand and great for celebrations. The food, especially the pasta, is great. You should mention that you are going for the Enoteca menu when you make reservation.

          L'Impero - Another Italian restaurant with a more contemporary take to Italian food. On Sundays, it offers a 4 course prix-fixe menu (domenica rustica) for $42.

          If you take advantage of these prix-fixe offers you can enjoy a delicious meal at these restaurants at a bargain price!

          Congratulations on your graduation!

          1. A bottle of wine will greatly eat into your total budget of $150-200. Sounds like you are looking for places with great food, but not too casual, but at the same time, a hip atmosphere, without being too snazzy.

            These threads may have some options:

            Choosing a nice BYOB will definitely keep the price down.

            You may also want to consider the chef's menus at Le Miu ($55 or $75), Ssam Bar ($45 or $75), the Enoteca at Del Posto ($41, reservations only available the morning of IIRC), and the tasting menu at Degustation (as mentioned above, $50). If you each have a glass or two or wine, you'll definitely be able to stay in your budget.

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            1. re: kathryn

              Degustation, as mentioned by the posts above, is closed on Sunday.

              The prix fixe Enoteca at Del Posto is $45.

                    1. re: kobetobiko

                      It's definitely $45. Here's the photo of the menu when I went there a few weeks ago.