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Dec 16, 2007 12:23 PM

Ethiopian groceries/markets, etc.?

Are there any markets in Manhattan (or the outer boroughs, for that matter) where I might be able to purchase injera and other Ethiopian foodstuffs? I've found a few past posts with the same question (e.g., but no replies.

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  1. No clue. Maybe you can call one of those ethiopian restaurants (like meskerem or queen of sheba) and ask them where they get their supply. Here's a list of other restaurants.

    There's a west african market on 9th ave between 39th and 40th if i remember correctly. That probably doesn't help you though.

    1. Abyssinia Ethiopian Grocery $
      Eclectic & International, Ethiopian
      225 West 116th Street
      (Frederick Douglass and Adam Clayton Powell Blvds. (8th and 7th Avenues))
      New York, NY 10026
      Phone: 212-663-0553

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      1. re: beccane

        I, too, am looking for Ethiopian ingredients in NYC -- shiro, berbere, and teff flour in particular. I just called the number listed above for Abyssinia Grocery and was told the store has closed, and there is now a bar in its place! Does anyone have any other sources in any of the boroughs?

        I checked Kalustyan's webpage and while they sell berbere, they have no shiro.

        Also I did try an international grocery on 9th btw. 39th and 40th but I didn't find one there that was West African (did I just miss it??). The place I did find had a lot of spices, but none of the Ethiopian ones.

        Thanks for any tips! I may try calling a few restaurants, too.

        1. re: risolatte

          The International Grocery on 9th is a few blocks north of the West African grocery (also on 9th ave) THey are both on the west side of the street. The West African spot may at least be a good spot to start inquiring about where you might be able to find some ingredients you want even if you don't find them there. They don't seem to be restricted to West Africa, though I am certainly no expert.... Good luck!

          1. re: risolatte

            Kalustyan's does have teff flour though. I saw it on the shelf the other day.

            1. re: risolatte

              This is a follow-up to my ongoing search for Ethiopian ingredients. So that West African Grocery on 9th Avenue seems to have closed. I walked by there and the grate was halfway down, the whole store was empty, workers were going in and out, etc. I asked one of the workers if he knew anything about whether the store would reopen somewhere else, and he told me he thought that the owner had retired... but who knows?

              So that seems to suggest that both the Ethiopian grocery places in Morningside Heights and in Hell's Kitchen are both recently (?) closed?

              I did find teff flour, actually, at the Park Slope Food Coop, and yes it's the Bob's Red Mill brand.

              I asked one of the waitstaff at Meskerem in Hell's Kitchen last week where to get Ethiopian ingredients like shiro in NYC and she said she knew of stores in the DC area but not NYC (!!!) So, looks like I may be ordering online after all, which I had hoped not to do! :(

          2. Thought id bump this thread again as i am looking for prepared injera to bring with to a party this weekend. Ive got some shiro id really love to serve with some good (even decent) injera, and i dont have time for a make at home project. Can anyone provide more info on the "other" international grocer in hells kitchen, google/yelp only yeild this one:


            which from the descriptions sounds mainly greek and not terribly likely to have injera.
            I've just moved recently and can't believe there isnt a source for injera somewhere here (im in Brooklyn, so anything out my way could work too) especially since fresh injera was available at our regular old crappy local supermarket back in minneapolis. if there have been any developments since the previous posters' searches, please let me know, otherwise ill report back from my own sleuthing.

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            1. re: tex.s.toast

              International Grocery certainly doesn't have prepared injera and I doubt the West African place down the street sells it either.

              International has never carried teff in the past, and while I don't go in there often, I've never seen it at the W African place either. But you can find brown teff flour easily enough, I'm not entirely sure but I think Bob's Red Mill is the brand and it's widely sold at health food-type/speciaty stores. I've never seen or heard of white teff being sold here, but if you're willing to pay a fairly heft price, you can get it directly from The Teff Company in Idaho.

              1. re: MikeG

                Yes, teff flour is definitely around. I've purchased it at Kalustyan's.

                As for prepared injera, I've not seen that here. My sister bought me a package of prepared injera (she lives in Seattle) that you keep frozen. It's fine, I guess. The stuff we get at restaurants is just so much better. So, I just buy it from my local Ethiopian restaurant.

                  1. re: tex.s.toast

                    Oh sure. Well, except I can't remember what brand the teff flour was at Kalustyan's. I think it was just in one of their label bags. Don't think it was Bob's Red Mill, though I've probably seen that at Fairway.

                    The prepared/frozen injera that my sister brought me is called Amy's Merkato. As I said, just so so and I suppose would do in a pinch.

                    My local restaurant is Awash on 106th & Amsterdam. And I buy it there if I'm cooking Ethiopian (or sometimes just to have with dal even). But I actually prefer the injera at Meskerem and if I'm in that neighborhood (Hell's Kitchen) I will stop by there to get some.

                    ETA: if you do find a store selling prepared injera, do please post back your "research". It would be great to have a source like that and I would guess it would be cheaper too.

                    1. re: LNG212

                      So i struck out - i endedup calling ghenet in brooklyn, near me, where the guy i spoke with assured me that no one in nyc sells prepared injera over the counter, as it were, and he couldnt even gaurantee he'd have enough to sell me either! he told me to stop by at the end of service one day - i got antsy and changed my plans, maybe ill try him again when im feeling more flexible.