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Dec 16, 2007 12:21 PM

Name this savory dish please

Hamburger mixture rolled up into bread dough...kinda like a roll..then sliced. Anyone have the recipe? My ex MIL used to make it years ago. I think it was bread dough. My son wants to try to make it tomorrow night.

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  1. I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I remember bookmarking this recipe for a baguette stuffed with a ground sausage mixture:

    Searching for Bon Appetit recipe from early 1988

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    1. re: Rubee

      I saved that recipe with every intention of making it, this holiday. I wondered if the Kielbassa loaf that I can get at the local Polish deli would do as well, as it's less expensive, and it'd be easier and faster to deal with. I suspect so.

      Responding to melly's question, is the hamburger mixture cooked in a log loaf, or cooked loose? Is the bread baked after it's covered the meat, or is this made from a fresh loaf from the store?


      1. re: diablo

        i was going to suggest the same-- love the runzes, or ranzas

      2. There is a recipe in New York Times Cookbook that is mashed potatoes and ground beef rolled up jellyroll style, Baked then sliced. Book claims it was most requested recipe ever when it came out. I have never tried it but your description reminded me of it.

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        1. re: King of Northern Blvd

          I like the mashed potatoes with it. I think I am supposed to cook the beef first. ?

          1. re: melly

            According to recipe beef is not cooked first. Beef is treated like meatloaf first- egg,breadcrumbs etc. Then spread out flat on waxed paper to make a rectangle 1/2" thick. mashed poatoes are spread out on beef and it is rolled up jellyroll style. It gets 3 slices bacon on top and baked at 350 for an hour. I can further elaborate if you wish but I think you get the gist..

        2. Years ago in my dormitory dining hall they served something we called "dog biscuits" :-).

          It involved a biscuit dough and mystery meat roll-up which was sliced and then baked as individual pinwheel portions. Brown gravy went on top - it NEEDED lots of gravy.

          I saw a similar recipe in a ca. 1950's Sunset cookbook.

          1. So melly, what did you figure out? Sounds almost like a beef wellington type recipe. I used to make a recipe with ground beef and crescent rolls but it was served flat, not in a roll. I think I got it off of a pillsbury crescent roll can. Sure hope you can figure it out. I am curious. Sounds good.

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            1. re: danhole

              I am cooking the beef first, but not overdone. It's ground beef of course. I will cook it with some yellow bell peppers, onions, and some drained diced tomatoes..very drained. I'll add some savory herbs, salt and pepper. I'll make the dough out of bisquick (heart healthy type :) put it down and roll it up. Bake whole till golden brown. I am doing it today. My ex MIL used to put a tomato-based sauce on it. It was delicious, back then. It was 1970 it might not be so good today. My tastes have changed. I'll report back tomorrow on how it turns out. (maybe I'll add some slightly cooked spinach and mushrooms and forget the tomatoes)

              1. re: melly

                The version I mentioned above was sliced and then baked, which I think might be more successful.