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Dec 16, 2007 12:16 PM

Things to eat with stuffing

I had some fantastic cornbread stuffing with the turkey on Thanksgiving, and now I'm craving more. It seems such a shame to only eat something that good once a year. What other dishes could I pair with stuffing/dressing, besides the obvious roast chicken?

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  1. I've got some ideas but I'm holding them hostage until you post the recipe for that fantabulous cornbread stuffing.

    Everyone's with me on this one, right?


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      Count me in-My only experience with cornbread stuffing/dressing was my dear departed MIL's--I have never gotten over the experience!! IT had chunks of stewed chicken in it and enough broth, that when it came out of the oven, it was swimming in it. I was raised on SourDough with fresh oysters and chestnuts--now that's some dressing!!! DH loves cornbread stuffing--you tell me your tricks and I'll share a few of mine!!!

      1. re: violabratsche

        I had Thanksgiving at a friend's so I will have to double-check with her, but I think it was this one:

      2. What other dishes could I pair with stuffing/dressing?

        Almost everything.

        Pork Chops to Roasts are often stuffed or served with dressing. Butterfly the roast, cut a pocket in thick chops, crown roasts.

        Butterflied boneless leg of lamb are often stuffed, crown roasts can be filled after cooking with a dressing.

        Beef Tenderloin butterflied and stuffed with an oyster dressing.

        Breast of Veal Stuffed.

        Whole, gutted fish stuffed with a veggie mixture.

        1. We love Cornish Hens. Watched Tyler Florence do a cornbread stuffing/cornish hen show yesterday on FN. Personally, we prefer dressing (cooked outside the bird and crunchy on top). I like to halve cornish hens, roast them and glaze with currant jam/balsamic vinegar topping. If you wanted to be really festive, you could add some cranberries (and a little sugar as they tend to be tart) to the glaze.

          1. I had a cornbread stuffing with a simple ham loaf, like a meat loaf, but, of course, using ground or finely chopped ham...yummmm, was it ever good.
            How about sausages, pork chops, pork roast....I sense a theme here...eggs, any know what?...stuffing goes with just about anything!