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Dec 16, 2007 12:14 PM

rice cooker brands

I've seen this thread, which is very helpful. It seems to be the top choice for higher-end cookers. I'm looking for a model for around $50, with maybe a six-cup capacity. Any rec's?


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    1. re: ATaleOfFiction

      I bought a Zojirushi (don't know the exact model but it was top of the line) - BUT it was not close to $50 (more like $200+ discounted). I use the rice cooker all the time so paying that was no problem. Funny thing is I have an old cheap rice cooker in storage that I had before - and I was not careful with it so it is all scratched up and makes crispy rice (browned). I have a Japanese friend that stayed with me and she told me that they buy special rice cookers to brown the rice like that - and all I did was to mistreat it.

    2. Try to find a asian market or appliance store in your area. Tiger is a good medium priced brand but your budget might be too low for an electronic/fuzzy logic type cooker although that's what you want to get.

      1. A quick peruse of Amazon's rice cooker options says that RichardM is correct: $50 is too low to get a fuzzy logic cooker. I think it's also right to say that's the best kind, but it's going to cost you more than $100 to get any sort of fuzzy logic cooker.

        As for brands, we've been very happy with our 5 cup Sanyo model.

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        1. re: ccbweb

          I agree that the fuzzy logic rice cooker works well. I have a Zojirushi and I like it fine. Its strength for me is that it can cook brown rice, as well as white, and can handle "porridge," meaning risotto. If bear only cooks white rice, a less expensive cooker should be fine for her.

        2. For your price range, based on my experiences with a Panasonic (National) I recommend a Panasonic. I saw a 5.5cup rice cooker for ~$35 at a local store a few weeks ago. Looking at Amazon today, they have that cooker for ~$30.

          My rice cooker is ~25 years old, used 15-20 times a year, and is not fuzzy logic.

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          1. re: Alan408

            Cool. I'm looking to get a rice cooker not to make rice, I can do that very well, but to use for sous vide cooking with a PID controller. I need one with a mechanical switch as opposed to an electronic switch.

            1. re: scubadoo97

              scubadoo -
              I would think a rice cooker is a bit small for sous vide. Perhaps you might want to think about buying one of those restaurant grade electric steam pans (about eighty bucks). They hold a full hotel pan and use a heating element to heat the water in the reservoir.

              I've always thought about adapting one to use for sous vide but never got around to doing it. Although, I think with a thermocouple, a Fuji PID and a plug you could easily adapt the PID to the heating element.

              I would explore it more but I've just ordered 4 thermal circulators from PolyScience to play with!

              1. re: onocoffee

                Ono, I have been looking at this product.


                For home use a good sized rice cooker would do the trick. 4 TC from PolySc is some serious bucks.

          2. We've had the small Panasonic for years now (it definitely can do six cups) and it works great for all kinds of rice. At Pearl River Trading I think it's $30 or less.