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Dec 16, 2007 12:06 PM

Japanese, Tibetan in Hartford area

Because we cook for a crowd on Christmas day, our tradition is to eat out Christmas Eve. Not many places are open for dinner that night - so we've tended to do Japanese (hibachi). We love this - and will probably keep up the tradition - but I'm wondering if anyone has reccomendations for really great hibachi in the area. We've done Ginza in Bloomfield, and Chicurin in Glastonbury. Looking for a new place to try this year.
While I'm asking - is there any other tibetan restaurant in CT now that Little Tibet is closed? That was our all time favorite place to go and eat and to get take out from. Some of the best meals I've ever had - and we loved the place and the people who worked there. So sad to see it go. We miss tibetan food - no other cuisine seems to measure up. Would love to find another place to get our favorites.
Thanks for your help!

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  1. There's both Tibetan (really good ) and Japanese (ok) on Main St. in Middletown.

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      Are you referring to Little Tibet? That's the place we loved - but it closed earlier this year. We went in one night to eat and there were notices at every seat that they'd be closing the next day. We couldn't even speak we were so upset - it was really our favorite place for a great, different meal. We ended up changing some other plans and going back the next night for one final tibetan meal.
      If you know something I don't about it having reopened - would love to hear from you. I tried calling the number the other night just on a chance - but the "number is not in service at this time".

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        The only other Tibetan restaurant I've seen in this area is lhasa cafe up in Northampton (Northampton has some good Japanese places as well - I like Teapot).

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          Thanks - any other thoughts on Japanese in the area?

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            In the Hartford area I find that Oyama is pretty reliable for sushi - the serice is better in Cromwell than Enfield. They also do have Hibachi tables but I've never tried it. In Northampton I think that Teapot is very good.

    2. Long past Christmas Eve.. How American Hibachi got confused with Japanese cooking I will never know. I once read about a fusion thing out of Hawaii. There is SakiMura in Simsbury which recently converted from a Japanese and Sushi Restaurant to a Hibachi room. Perhaps they do they do Hibachi well. . I haven't been back. Certainly before moving to Hibachi the Sushi bar and the Japanese menu were impeccable. It was on my top five restaurant lists in Hartford. If you have found ones you like, I would stay with them. Personally I find Hibachi cooking boring and unsatisfying. I would rather have better food sans sword play. I too like Ginza, but I stay away from the Hibachi. They have some excellent Sushi and Sashimi and the outpost in Downtown Hartford (Feng) is superb Asian/Japanese fusion. but no Hibachi