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Dec 16, 2007 11:52 AM

Nashua, NH > Unum's: Take Three

Returned to Unum's last night, following whs's wholly negative review. Best read after my own experiences and the responses of other hounds:

Unum's offers an intriguing menu, some fine choices, but still hasn't hit its stride.

My foursome went in several different directions:

I had a Sea Bass Delmonico that was flavorful, well-presented, and tender. That was preceded by a long-neck sweet pepper, shrimp, and provolone appetizer that was tasty and set a great tone.

My SO had a veal chop special that she enjoyed, though she suggested the chef use a lighter hand on the hot peppers. She preceded that by a tasty well-sauced mussels in broth of which we all had a sample. Here, if anything, the chef erred by offering too much--half the order would have sufficed for the appetizer.

One of our foursome had the duck and pronounced it fabulous--it was all we could do to stop him from eating the plate.

Sour note: our fourth ordered the pork rack from the menu and had to return it: too salty. They swiftly provided the simple salad she then ordered and comp'd the entree.

The bread was warm, crusty, and plentiful, with both butter and herbed oil.

The service was attentive and enthusiastic. (Kira: if you're reading this: good job!)

The wines were poured with a comfortable hand and the coffee refreshed without request.

The service IS leisurely. Can't decide whether they're striving for that or just overtabled or understaffed.

The room IS noisy. The music is an unnecessary layer on top of parties enjoying themselves a bit too loudly.

Jared, the mainstay at the bar, is at the top of his game.

Checking, I saw the owners circulating, helping to serve, and attentive, and responsive to suggestions.

The prices ARE high.

As for the decor, we thought it was fine.

All in all, I urge area foodies to give them another try. They are worthy competition in downtown Nashua.

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  1. Fair enough, maybe we hit them on an "off" night. We are members of the Jared fan club--he was kind enough to call us after my negative post to express his concern. Why isn't he managing the place? With a few changes, Unums could provide some competition to Michael Timothy's.

      1. After checking out their menu on-line, which appeared to be very interesting, I'd have to hear 'great things' before I drop my plastic on the table. Hearing WHS say that they had an off night just doesn't cut it, did your dinner check have an 'off night' bottom line?
        I Jared calling with concern is quite impressive.

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          Having dined with gamefish54, I trust his evaluation. It would be helpful to hear a few other reviews of this place. I'm still not convinced.

          1. re: whs

            I should have listened to whs when I read his first review because he is always right on the money. A couple years have gone by since that review and tonight we were desperate for a place we had not been. We were parked right near Unums so we hoped that maybe they had done better and maybe had the new chef by now, etc. Alas - such was not to be. Since it was 8 pm on a Thursday night, the place was practically empty except for a noisy bar crowd. And it is "decorated" just so bizarrely - I'm sure it's to someone's liking but not to mine. Inexplicably, our appetizers arrived 40 minutes after we ordered them. Mine was awful - a meat ball concoction that had sounded ok on the menu but it was to me inedible. My husband had the crab cake which I sampled and it was much better than mine but that was a low crossbar - we swapped. The manager came over to inquire about how we liked our apps and I told him the truth which was of course only my personal opinion, that there was some flavor(s) in there that I did not like - he said it was the Chinese 5-spice powder which I actually use at home and DO like on pork and steak. Also the consistency was murky/mushy and they were just not tasty - too many odd flavors in them. He thanked me for my honesty. I ordered the swordfish and husband ordered the filet mignon which he liked very much. My swordfish was on a bed of the most strongly flavored chopped black beans I have ever tasted - just way too strong a flavor for the delicate swordfish - kinda like vegemite or something - don't know but it was overpowering. I removed the fish from the bed of beans and it was much better by itself. None of the desserts looked interesting. For $130 with 3 drinks and before tip, it was too pricey for not enough to like about it. Plus the service was slooooooooooooow. Doubt we'll be back but possibly would have considered it had the manager taken the meatballs off the bill as a gesture of good will. Lisa the server was the bright spot about the meal.
            oh whs - I got what I deserved!

            49 E Pearl St, Nashua, NH 03060

            1. re: tarbysmom

              Since we moved to Manchester, we don't dine out in Nashua very often anymore--anything new and good?

              1. re: whs

                do you like authentic vegetarian indian? Meena's on Pearl is wonderful. The food is very good, fresh and cooked to order some nights things are slow due to this but I think worth it!

                1. re: veggiequeen

                  Love Meena's--have to get back there!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. My wife and I decided to try Unums tonight given the change in the reviews from negative to positive. What we found was most of the reviews were right on point. Unums provides an atmosphere of a loud bar at fine dining prices. The service is very polite and friendly but very slow. It was 35 minutes before our wine was served. The service of the main course was far from what is expected of fine dining. My wife's dinner was served 10 minutes before my steak arrived. My wife ordered the duck and she was very pleased. The duck was cooked perfectly and had excellent flavor. My steak on the other hand was overcooked and had to be returned. When the new steak was brought to the table is was raw and cold.
            If you are looking for a loud bar with fine dining prices and inconsistent preparation Unum is your place.