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Dec 16, 2007 11:49 AM

KYO Monsey - Open and Still Kosher!

Just wanted to update the situation with one of our favorite restaurants, KYO Japanese in Monsey. It has been continuously open for Kosher business and now has new local certification from Rabbi Zishe Blech of Monsey. Our family are big fans and highly recommend the place, particularly the sushi rolls and appetizers. They have amazing toro (try the toro roll, the tau tau roll, and/or the toro tau tau dish - great stuff!), excellent imitation crab, shrimp and lobster (try the lobster roll, the spider roll and/or the volcano roll), delicious appetizers (like salmon tau tau, white tuna jalapeno), scrumptious vegetable tempura and a fantastic carrot-ginger dressing (which makes their otherwise average vegetable salad taste gourmet). I can go on and on. Limited but pretty good desert choices. Even though it's a steakhouse, I never order steak (since the sushi is so good), so I can't opine regarding the chicken/meat dishes. I hear they are okay, but go for the sushi.

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