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Dec 16, 2007 11:15 AM

Low fat casserole

I would like a recipe for a low fat spinach and cheese casserole or a low fat broccoli and cheee recipe.
Thanks in advance

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  1. Raisel, has a few low-fat broccoli casseroles that seemed to get good reviews (4 stars)...I've not tried them so I can't recommend either way but that might be a start for you!

    1. I pretty much make the "filling" of a spanakopita with no phyllo dough and then enjoy!

      2 boxes chopped spinach - defrosted, drained REALLY well
      6 oz feta
      1/2 cup cottage cheese
      2 eggs - beaten
      1 tablespoon Greek seasoning (oregano, dill)
      1 bunch green onions, sauteed

      Mix it up - spread evenly in the pie pan and cook at 350 for about 30 minutes.
      Slice and enjoy!

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      1. re: stellamystar

        Sounds good, stella.

        I often use cottage cheese instead of ricotta in lasagna with good success.

        I'm just careful to buy the small curd, dryer cottage cheese, which I think works better.

        I'm going to try your recipe. It also occurs to me that would make a good quiche filling.

        1. re: MaggieRSN

          Maggie - you will really like it, I hope! Let me know! I have also added sauteed,chopped white mushrooms before. It was good, but did not add a lot of flavor.

      2. How about a spinach lasagna using non-fat or low-fat cheeses? You can even substitute tofu for some or all of the ricotta.

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        1. re: jjones21

          I find if you increase the spinach content and decrease the cheese, using a bit of low fat medium or old cheddar with the low fat ricotta you get the same cheese flavour with a lot less fat.

        2. If I wanted to create a low-fat spinach/cheese casserole, I'd squeeze the water out of a couple of bags of thawed frozen spinach, fluff them up in a casserole dish, then make a "cheese custard" using buttermilk and whole egg(s) and egg whites with a grated hard cheese like pecorino Romano, which I think is more flavorful than parmisan. I'd fluff up the spinach after adding the custard, but make sure there is more spinach than omlette. Then top it with panko bread crumbs and more pecorino, and either top with a few dabs of butter to promote browning, or to really drop the fat content, spray the topping with some butter flavored non-stick spray.

          Buttermilk will make a lower fat custard than skim milk, and the tartness will underscore/compliment the pecorino.

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          1. re: Caroline1

            "Buttermilk will make a lower fat custard than skim milk"

            how so? buttermilk contains fat, skim milk doesn't.


            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              My goof! Thanks for catching it. I should have said 2% milk instead of skim. 2% milk has 45 calories of fat per cup and lowfat buttermilk only has 25. I don't use actual skim milk much in any kind of cooking unless I "fortify" it with a little added powdered milk. It's just easier to use 2%.

              1. re: Caroline1

                yes, i figured you just misspoke [mistyped?] i love low fat buttermilk. adds great body & tang to so many things. in fact, i just used it last night/this morning in the molasses-gingerbread muffins and chocolate chip corn muffins i was baking at 3:30 a.m. [don't ask.]