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Dec 16, 2007 10:50 AM

WTO at "Mimi's" for Breakfast

Next weekend I'll be eating breakfast at "Mimi's" and am wondering if I could get advice on what would be good to order.

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  1. Some friends took us there while we were in Louisville. They have really big muffins (I was lucky that my blueberry came out piping hot). My breakfast was not memorable other than that, but my hubby still raves about the corned beef hash he had there. Happy eating!

    1. This time of the year, it's a no-brainer for me -- the pumpkin pancakes. I have them hold the caramel topping or whatever it is they put on top (it seems to change every year). I love them just w/ butter and syrup.

      When they don't have the pumpkin pancakes, I get their pain perdu -- french toast stuffed w/ cream cheese and orange maramalade. To die for.

      Enjoy -- Mimi's is my favorite chain breakfast place.

      1. Blueberry pancakes and their big fat breakfast sausages. Cappucino. Avoid the overly tricked out egg dishes, they just don't execute them very well and they are bland.

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          See, now I've enjoyed their crabcake benedict. Also, their breakfast fajitas are unique and good.

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            To each his or her own, I had some concoction of an omlete with crab in it at Mimi's, needed a microscope to find the crab, very disappointing.

        2. I'm a big fan of the Huevos y Papas. Eggs to order with spicy potato cakes. Molto yummy.

          As was the pork shank with creole mustard sauce on last night's seasonal menu.

          Me and the missus were discussing how Mimi's does the chain thing better than anyone, especially when it comes to service. Even if the food is only OK, the service is always on top of it.

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            I usually just get bacon and eggs at Mimi's but the last time we went I had the huevos and could have been really good but it was ice cold. Strangest thing was even the overeasy egg was COLD. not cool but out of the fridge cold. Very very strange. The manager swore up and down it wasn't precooked but I can't imagine how a breakfast egg could be so cold.

            That's the only time we've had issues there however and hot the dish would have been pretty tasty with the potato cakes.

          2. Anything with a muffin. I love the honey oat muffin. It is literally dripping with honey. Other than the poor waitress we had the last time we went (to the new one in Elkridge, MD), I've never had anything bad at a Mimi's for breakfast. My brother loves the breakfast burrito. I like corned beef hash and pot roast with eggs. My mom always gets some form of eggs Benedict.