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Dec 16, 2007 10:39 AM

Buche de Noel

Okay, so for the first time in I can't remember how long, I just know I won't have time to make one, to bring to my sister's on the 26th. My buches are family lore, especially since the first one I ever made ended up on the sidewalk outside my apartment downtown - a tasty treat for every dog, cat and squirrel in a 2 mile radius.

I offered a key lime mousse cake (which I am already making one of for a client, so 2 wouldn't be a stretch) but got a NO WAY from my sister (ungrateful, don't you think?). So I need to order a buche. Before you all attack your keyboards to tell me Premiere Moisson does them, I refuse, staunchly refuse to give them my business (at least the Monkland store - going to any other location is just impossible around the holidays - timewise). Anyone have any ideas where I can get a really nice buche (tastewise and lookwise - looks come in second to taste) in the greated NDG area or not far afield from there?


PS: I finally sent the PM people an email, regaling them with my "number-no number" issues at their Monkland store, but haven't heard back. Not at all surprised about that. The customer service at that particular store (and really, it's only that store, because I often also go to the one at Atwater market or JT market and don't have any issues there) is abominable. Speaking of which, I think Yeti just walked down my snow covered street....

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  1. On Monkland, I recommend the buches available at the Patisserie Nancy. They have a lot, in different sizes, and you can also order on (they have fliers with the various options, prices, and servings/size). Last year I could not make a buche, like you, and I thought this still had the homemade, I like giving an independent store my business.

    Also, it was very good quality.

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    1. re: lorie

      Thanks. I don't know why I didn't think of them.

      I will check them out this week, sometime.

    2. No suggestions for the buche, but just a quick note to say I went to PM last Friday in desperation for baguette to complete our meal. They were close to closing time, and the FRIENDLY young man who served me was ringing up my baguette when he asked if I wanted any other bread. I smiled and said no, just the baguette. To my ASTONISHMENT, he says, 'No, really, choose any loaf on the house'. So I ask him what he recommends, and he says, 'Well, since its free, why not the most expensive?' Why not indeed? He gave me an organic loaf of something that is normally $6, and handed me my change with a big smile. I had to check the sign twice on my way out to be sure I was in the same store!

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      1. re: foodismyfriend

        WOW is all I can say. I have not had one good experience at that store- not one.

        I will live vicariously through you now....

        1. re: maisonbistro

          Maybe the trick is to show up 10 minutes before closing time on a Friday night? Seriously, I am with you---in general the service is beyond bad---strictly a last choice option (even with this latest bizarre good service twist!).

      2. ive had an awesome buche from alati, an italian bakery in St leonard. its worth the drive! Also i hear San Marco also great. they put liitle meringue mushrooms and chocolate deer. also marzipan. cake was also delicious

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        1. re: redroses

          Thanks for the reco. but I really don't have the time to spare. I'm a bit of a sucker for sob story and agreed to cook for a family of 10, with ongoing cancer treatments in the family and ill health of a child - a full turkey dinner, pro bono, and I also have to get all the prep ready for our own non traditional Romanian Xmas, and keep my regular clients fed until Friday.

          DId I mention I haven't even started my Xmas shopping?

          So St. Leo is definitely out. Nancy is in.

          1. re: maisonbistro

            Gascogne on Sherbrooke in Westmount. Choice of buttercreams, well decorated--order in advance. Good Luck

        2. A consideration, but not a traditional Buche de Noel, is the one at the ice cream shop Havre aux Glaces in Jean-Talon Market(a ice cream Buche de Noel). They make it in five flavours. They sell for around $24-38 depending on size.

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          1. re: BLM

            Nope- if key lime mousse cake won't cut it, for sure an ice cream buche won't either - that being said, even I myself want a cake one, with real buttercream icing. Ice cream just doesn't do it for me this time of year, no matter how good it is. And JTM is too far for me to go this week or next.

            Thanks though

          2. I just got a brochure from au Pain Dore, and they have about 7 different flavours of Buche de Noel available - I would guess you have to order in advance, but they definitely have them. And they're just across the street from the dreaded PM on Monkland...

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            1. re: cherylmtl

              Could you try each one out and let me know which is the best (now that's a food challenge I could handle)? I have had hit and miss experiences with Au Pain Dore, so I think I will either go with one of the first suggestions, Nancy or Gasgogne.

              Thanks though - and if you do taste test, be sure to let me know. LOL