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Dec 16, 2007 10:10 AM

Burgers and Pizza in SW Calgary

I'm moving into the SW (Woodlands area) and want to know where people like to get their pizza and burgers.


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  1. I wish I could help but I live in the NW ... Vogglio d'Pizza is a board fave though they're downtown(although see the thread about the unpredictable wait times). Hopefully others in your area will have better ideas.

    1. Woodlands is pretty deep south instead of SW. The only place i can think of that is even remotely close to you would be Red Carpet on Elbow and Glenmore, and that's still quite the jaunt. Otherwise, i try and stay out of that region as much as i can...sorry.

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        The places don't need to be in woodlands, but rather the SW vs say the NE.

      2. There's a Nick and Willys take and bake in Woodbine, Oakridge Pizza is close too. But Sammys is best, if you like greek style, hes in the Millrise area, or over there somewhere, we always get delivery. The Red Onion has good burgers and a great vibe. Lots of live blues and Jazz. The are just south of Anderson off McLoed Tr, in the Bonavista Square area.

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          2nd Nick and Willy's --- It is my favorite pizza, I can get the crust exactly the way I like it!

          I also had a good burger at Tommy Burger Bar. It is on Macleod around 92nd Street, on the west side of Macleod Trail (Same side as Ranchmans and Schanks_

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            Thanks folks. I have recently tried nick and willy's and thought it was fine. I do love the thick and cheesy greek style pizza, so I will try Sannys and have never tried Oakridge Pizza, but will do that. I have heard that Tommy's has good burgers, but pretty expensive...considering they are burgers, but I will certrainly try them too.