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I love a great, rare, juicy, tender steak.

I've been super broke (I'm finishing up college), so my boyfriend has kindly offered to take me out for a fabulous steak dinner for Christmas. My first thought was Peter Luger's (I've never been), but I wonder if there are any better Manhattan or Brooklyn options that won't totally empty his wallet.

I suppose he'd pay between $25-50 for one. (I hope that's not totally unrealistic).

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  1. Not sure if you can leave lugers under $100 for two people. Another great steak is Angelo & Maxie's. Remember Lugers is just the porter house. If you want more options and great side dishes take a look @ Angelos. There are many great steakhouses, also a question of ambiance.

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      Angelo and Maxies is beyond mediocre for steak and its not even that much cheaper than every other steakhouse.

      The general rule of thumb is to expect $35-45 per person just for the steak at most NYC steakhouses. The exceptions would be if you ordered something different than the usual cuts of steak (i.e., porterhouse, ribeye, NY strip, filet) like a hanger steak or a skirt steak. BLT Prime and Primehouse both have great hanger steaks that are in the mid $20's. Many years ago I also had a Wagyu flank steak at BLT Steak which was slighlty cheaper than other cuts of steak. Also on the cheaper side would be to go to Keen's during lunch, when I think they offer a smaller cut of Prime Rib than during dinner. It may also be served in the Pub Room, but i'm not positive. Other than possibly offering small steaks during lunch, I don't think any of the steakhouses are any more inexpensive during lunch for the same type of steak.

      1. If you're talking top-tier steakhouses, $25pp is totally unrealistic. $50pp might be possible if you share everything -- a single appetizer, steak, 1 or 2 sides (meant to be shared) and a single dessert -- and only drink tap water. We did pretty much that at Keens recently. With the exception that my husband had a glass of wine (I don't drink), our bill, including tax but not the tip, came to $103. Like other steakhouses, portions at Keens are huge, plus they provide a bowl of crudites with blue cheese dip on the house, as well as very good rolls and butter, so we did not leave hungry. Service is pleasant and efficient, and there's that unmatchable old NY ambiance which always makes dining at Keens a delightful experience.


        Angelo & Maxie's is not in the top tier, but considering what they are charging, the steaks are o.k. My big beef (pun intended) is the insanely high noise level there which makes normal conversation impossible. Shouting throughout a meal is not my idea of a good time.

        1. The Chowhound Team may chastize me for posting this to the Manhattan board, but you're in need. There is a steakhouse in Hoboken called Arthur's that is really pretty good (but not the least bit fancy) and is pretty inexpensive. I've eaten there with a bottle of wine and it was still like $35 per person, inclusive.

          Note: getting to Hoboken and back is easy--the Path train takes about 20 minutes and costs 50 cents *less* than the NYC subway.

          1. Thanks! I'll have to check out Keen's: never heard of it.

            We've also thought about doing lunch to save money: a friend recommended Dylan Prime and they're a little cheaper at lunchtime.

            I'll have to check with the guy about how much he's willing to spend, since it's my gift. (He can barely boil water, so I don't think he's cooking it for me... though I do like that advice.)

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              Keen's is my choice too but don't even bother with the one-that-shall-not-be-named in Brooklyn with the initials of PL. Highly overrated.

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                If you're still thinking about lunch and want a "steak house" experience on a budget, try the burger at Peter Luger's. IMHO, it's quite good and two can get out for well under $100. In any event, Happy Holidays!

            2. I would save an extra $100 and do i the right way -- just budget yourself -- its not worth compromising when it comes to steak -- in my opinion, I would do it right or not do it at all. A good burger in that budget, now thats possible!

              1. You cannot beat Luger's. With that said, we had some pretty good steaks at Sparks last week. My filet was enormous and very tender. It is pretty pricey but worth it.

                1. I actually think we may try out the steak at my favorite restaurant, Prune (in Soho). Unless anyone knows better, everything I've ever had there is fantastic (particularly the sweetbreads and marrow...).

                  1. Considering you are on a budget, I would receommend Les Halles, which is a solid steak at a very reasonable price...of course if you haven't been to PL, you should pay the extra $$...worth it!