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Dec 16, 2007 09:42 AM

Peppino's - Park Slope

any word on what this new place is up to? all i see is a nice room, a peppino's sign and another sign that says philly cheesesteak...
5th ave near 11th.

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  1. i found this...interesting...

    A much loved Bay Ridge pizza parlor is bringing its thin-crust formula to 5th Avenue. The owners of 77th Street's Peppino's are opening a restaurant on 5th between 10th and 11th streets, in a storefront that's currently being gutted. Could mean that the South Slope is about to give places like Franny's and Peperoncino a run for their money.

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      Just posted on the Pepe's thread and then saw this. We love Peppino's and think it is the best thin crust pizza (fresh mozz, great sauce) around, bar none. Family run by terrific people, although their cousins and friends are the wait staff and they do not exactly know the nuances of 'service' so don't go if you're in the mood for Tempo (which we love also). That said, they are all very nice and mean well and at the Bay Ridge place, the strong bklyn accents add color and ambience to the whole experience. They also have home-style pastas that we love (vongole, puttanesca). They said that they are opening on January 3rd. We've never had the philly cheesesteak (not our thing) and really, that sign will probably deter some Park Slopers who will question the pizza credibility. If the pizza is like the one they make at the Bay Ridge restaurant, you're in for a treat and a very wonderful addition to the neighborhood! Been to Franny's and no comparison - pizza better at Peppino's although Franny's has that PS atmosphere feel that Peppino's does not - Peppino's is old school, no pretension.

      1. re: Roxy9

        the grand opening is this thursday, january 3rd. i am hoping for the best!

        1. re: TBird

          Today is the opening day - has anyone been yet?

        2. re: Roxy9

          I walked by Saturday morning. There is a help wanted sign up, seeking waiters and cooks, among others. I understand they are open, but it makes me wonder whether they have their act together. But rather than wait, I'm likely to go soon to take advantage of the BYO window (before they get their liquor license).

          1. re: acemdin

            had lunch there yesterday. byob is not in effect yet. the menu is solid and they have their "act" together.

            1. re: TBird

              "byob is not in effect yet"

              Does this mean they can't sell wine/beer, but won't let you byo either?

              1. re: acemdin


                i'm unfamiliar with the laws but that is the way it was explained to me.

                somehow they will be able to allow byob in another week or two, and then another week or two after that they will be able to sell as well.

                1. re: TBird

                  Thank you for the clarification. Its helpful. Maybe I'll wait for the byo period.

                  1. re: acemdin

                    no problem and i'd whole heartedly agree. they have a pretty extensive menu, with hero's and pasta too. taking advantage when byob is available will probably be my course of action as well. cheers.

                    1. re: TBird

                      On the byob topic: we sometimes byob at bay ridge Peppino's and that location has a liquor license. They're fine with it. we'd never do this if they had even 'passable' wine - as we're not looking for fine wine at a family pizza restaurant - but, sadly, it's not. It would be so nice if they had some drinkable reds to enjoy with the pizza and pastas. In any event, don't let that be a deal-breaker - if you don't care about wine, go enjoy the tasty food - if you do want wine with your meal as we do, ask them if you can bring in your own bottle (I've always been very willing to pay a corkage fee - but I'm not certain they know about corkage fees, strange as that sounds, and they turned us down when we offered to pay one). Meanwhile, my son just went by there and they're closed even tho they were opened during the day today - so no pizza tonight!

                      1. re: Roxy9

                        yeah, the sign on the door says "closed sunday and monday"...

                        1. re: TBird

                          It's open today, we went tonight and had a large pizza with pepperoni. Definitely the best pizza I've had in the slope. 1000 times better than AneIios was. I wouldn't compare it to DiFarras. Tasty ever so slightly charred thin crust. Good sauce, cheese, decent amount of meat. Fresh mozzerella. Not a heavy pizza, 3 of us split it and were mildly full. They don't do slices, but said that they have a baby pizza equal to 2 slices.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Finally stopped by on Sunday for lunch. I had a small (six slices) Margharita pie. Fresh mozarella, a good sweet sauce, and fresh basil. The crust was thin and chewy with a nice char and blisters. All in all a very good pie. I would put it right next to Anthony's in style and taste (in fact I would have a hard time telling the difference).

          It's no DiFara's/Lucali's but then nothing is. My only reservation was that the pie could use a bit more sauce. It's a much better pie than Peppe's regular slice that's for damn sure (sorry Peppe but you need a better sauce and real cheese).

          Nice people, nice atmosphere. Next time I'm gonna try one of their brick oven calzones. A welcome addition to the 'hood. Right now their delivery is just in the immediate area but will be expanding soon. They're closed on Mondays and it's not BYOB yet.

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          1. re: pastoralia

            "I would put it right next to Anthony's in style and taste (in fact I would have a hard time telling the difference)."

            we are feeling a pie moment and ordering right now, except we are sticking with anthony's, which we can easily spot..

            "It's no DiFara's/Lucali's but then nothing is."

            amen, my friend!

            ps - we really should do a slope pizza crawl soon. i'm at tbirdbass at america online!



            1. re: pastoralia

              I'm sorry, but what does "it's not BYOB yet" mean?

              1. re: Jadro_Staad

                byob ='s bring your own bottle. "it's not BYOB yet" ='s you can't bring your own bottle of wine yet. but one day you will be able to.

                1. re: TBird

                  Thanks for the didactic tutorial on ubiquitous acronyms; however, I was referring to Peppino’s status as “not BYOB yet”. In practice, restaurants have been “BYOB” during the liquor license approval period, and likewise for restaurants that never have had a license. This is technically a violation of the NYS Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, but it has historically not been enforced. This is why I am puzzled at the notion of being “not BYOB yet”, (there is a “bottle club” license that allows establishments to acquire what we commonly know as BYOB status, but this license is as expensive and difficult to obtain as a beer and wine license, hence of little use). I hope this situation is not indicative of an SLA crackdown on BYOB restaurants, that would be a tragic blow to the gastronomic quality of life of new Yorkers.

                  If anyone has any insight on the matter, please share.

                  1. re: Jadro_Staad

                    i knew what you were referring to. as you knew what i meant.

            2. I tried their margarita and philly cheesesteak. I asked for fresh mozzarella on the cheesesteak with the pizza sauce on the side. I got a steak sandwich with some kind of cheese but definitely was not fresh mozzarella or even mozzarella.

              The pizza had a fresh taste to it. Although, the sauce was pedestrian. Reminded me of store brand chef-boyardee type of instant pizza.

              Those saying this is next to Anthony's are mistaken.

              I would say Anthony's is in another league. Joe's on 7th is even better.

              This place has a LONG WAY to go. Seems like they are trying to be a franchise and it shows in the end product. Thumbs way down.

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              1. re: johnstconf

                closed thurs-sunday this week, due to death in the family, in case anyone was thinking of ordering...