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Dec 16, 2007 09:42 AM


I love a great, rare, juicy, tender steak.

I've been super broke (I'm finishing up college), so my boyfriend has kindly offered to take me out for a fabulous steak dinner for Christmas. My first thought was Peter Luger's (I've never been), but I wonder if there are any better Manhattan or Brooklyn options that won't totally empty his wallet.

I suppose he'd pay between $25-50 for one. (I hope that's not totally unrealistic).

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  1. Consider Argentinian or Brazilian. Never been there but word is (Bx) is top notch. Pit Stop (French) in Bklyn had a really good inexpensive hanger steak (the poor man's porterhouse), their garden might not be as fun in winter. The Farm on Adderly might also work for you, check for steak on menu first.

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      For good Argentinean, consider La Fusta in Elmhurst. Their skirt steak and mixed grill are delicious and are very reasonably priced. Also, their wine selection, albeit limited compared to large Manhattan steak houses, is nicely priced.

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        The Shell Steak at LaFusta is excellent and inexpensive. Get a pitcher of Sangria.

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            LaFusta, 8032 Baxter St, across from Emergency Room of Elmhurst General Hospital in Elmhurst.

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              Here's a Chow places profile, with web site link, hours, etc.

              La Fusta
              80-32 Baxter Ave, Queens, NY 11373

      2. $50 for one is unrealistic at Peter Lugers or at any American style Steakhouse in Manhattan. The last time I looked, Steak for Two was about $75 and that is naked without any sides. Add a side, wine or beer, tax and tip and you're at least at $150 for two without appetizer or dessert. Worth it, but not if if you have to give up two weeks of meals in order to pay for it. (Also its cash only)

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          Actually, Steak for two (or the comparable msasive porterhouse) at any american style steakhouse in Manhattan has gone up to at least $85 in most places -- not sure if that includes Lugers, but I think it does.

          So definitely take that into consideration. I never get out of any of those places for less than $200 for 2 people after factoring in salad, 2 sides, and one of the cheapest wines on the list (sometimes dessert also). HOWEVER, with that being said, oftentimes we have an entire meal left over, so that effectively cuts the cost in half. But its still a lot of cash. YMMV.

        2. Thanks for all the suggestions... I actually think we may just go to Prune, in Soho, my favorite restaurant. They actually have a steak for two for $46 (and the most amazing sweetbreads ever). I can't imagine anything there wouldn't be awesome...

          (But if any of you know differently, please let me know!)

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            ember's in bay ridge has excellent steak- zero atmosphere though, you're going for the steak :-)