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Dec 16, 2007 09:40 AM

Plain Chinese Breads


Does anyone have recommendations of where to go to get the best plain Chinese bread? I like the plain buns with no filling (ie sweet dinner bun, pineapple bun) or very little if any (ie raison bun).

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. Check out Kim Moon Bakery on Dundas, east of Spadina. Stopped there on a recent chowmeet and we were all pleasantly surprised at the selection, quality and price.

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      kim moon is great. been there forever. it's one of the best chinese bakeries (or the best) in the downtown (i know east chinatown has a good place 2).

      1. re: zed1984

        Absolutely! We've been going there for over a decade. Consistently good food, great value, great selection. Heartily recommended.

    2. You can try T & T as well. They have a really wide selection of breads. I don't know about their buns, though. I doubt they're as good as Kim Moon, which has already been suggested.

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      1. re: Yum2MyTum

        Agree. T&T has fantastic non-chinese breads too. I can't resist getting one of their raisin breads whenever I go.

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          Their coconut bread is to-die-for. The swirl of coconut in the middle makes it a bit messy to eat, but nevertheless. I also love the sesame bread and the kaya bread. And ditto on the raisin bread -- I have a difficult choice when it comes to choosing what kind of loaf I want to buy when I go to T&T.

          1. re: lsk

            I agree that T&T has good loaves. They're tasty and stays soft for a long time. I like their new chocolate bread in particular. Thanks for your recommendations!

        2. I am a huge plain "baulau bow" fan! Kim Moon is *the* place to go - not too buttery. There are a ton of new places in downtown Chinatown now, but at 3 for a dollar, might as well try a few and choose your favourite. Another good option is the Chinese bakery on Baldwin (some may disagree), which looks like its been there a long time and has a good selection of fresh buns.

          If you want sweet plain *steamed* buns, a good option is to buy them by the bag at the Chinese grocery store and steam them at home - they're really soft and fresh-tasting if you do that. Incidentally, Kim Moon offers steamed Cha Siu bow that way too, from the fridge - take them home and steam them yourself for fresh-bun goodness!

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          1. re: Ariadne

            Are you referring to the Yung Sing bakery? Maybe I'll give that a try sometime! I've tried Kim Moon too and definitely agree that their breads are good. They go hard quickly though. The one a couple of stores beside it, near the corner of Spadina and Dundas make good pineapple buns. I don"t remember their name, but its on the same side of the road.

            1. re: mauie

              Yung Sing is indeed the only Chinese bakery in the restaurant stretch of Baldwin. It's been there for around 30 years. Their menu is much smaller than Kim Moon, but many of their offerings are quite good.

              Yung Sing Pastry
              22 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

          2. I love T & T's wide selection of bread.. I always get the raisin tray buns whenever I go there, but they've got other unique and delicious flavours, too! You could also try My Lee Hoa (sorry, I know I totally butchered that) in the Mississauga Chinatown plaza; they've got a pretty good variety of breads/baked goods there as well, and I think they even have the plain ones. Good luck!