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May 7, 2000 03:54 PM

Chinese on the westside

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Where are the great Chinese restaurants on the Westside? I have to work here and don't want to eat dim sum all the time to get my fix. By the way, does anyone know where to get crab dumplngs (like Joes Shanghai in New York)? If you haven't had Joes dumplings, they are soupy dumplings with a little meatball in them. You eat them with a soupspoon and chopsticks. Thanks

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  1. There are no great Chinese restaurants on the Westside, although Twin Dragon serves adequate NY-style Shanghainese food and VIP Harbor provides sort of a B-minus version of the Monterey Park Cantonese experience. The best crab dumplings are at Mei Long Village in Alhambra: They would close their doors and hide behind drawn curtains for a year if they turned out a dumpling that was merely ``like'' Joe's Shanghai's.

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      Is there any good Chinese on the eastside, for that matter?

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        The eastern suburbs in the San Gabriel Valley have what is by far the best Chinese cooking in North America. If you're new to the area, check out the mall called San Gabriel Square, on Valley at Del Mar, just a few blocks north of the I-10: 18 restaurants, each better than the next, from all regions of China. Start with the sesame bread and braised lamb at the Islamic Chinese place, or the handthrown noodles at Chu's Mandarin, or the roast duck at Sam Woo seafood, or the Chiu Chow check-a noodles at Nice Time Deli, or the Tawainese turtle casserole at Seafood Strip, or . . .

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          Good question! Chi Dynasty is too expensive and mediocre, Sun Palace is MSG city. Where is there good Chinese on the Eastside????

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          Twin Dragon....Yum!

        3. OK, call me crazy, call me wacky. But when you don't feel like braving the 10, or in fact you don't even feel like getting in your car or leaving your house, you might want to try - gasp! - California Wok. It's over on Pico (I think) and they deliver to the Westside. Look, I know it's not screamingly authentic, and it's no San Gabriel, but everything I've ordered there comes to my door very freshly prepared and actually quite delicious. Spicy, crispy calamari... Garlic braised string beans (hope you have a supply of Breath Assure)... Plump, juicy shrimp with candied walnuts... Crispy fried lo mein with veggies and gravy. I grew up in a Chinese household here in L.A. and in Hawaii. I appreciate authentic and delicately prepared food. But sometimes I just want to rent a movie, and order in some satisfying and scrumptious morsels, and be lazy. This place seems to fit the bill quite nicely.

          1. I actually agree with the response from Laura.
            California Wok on Wilshire Blvd. is pretty decent. It may not be the most authentic, but it's pretty good.

            1. Hu's, in Palms - best on Westside. National Blvd, where it makes a right angle turn (so basically it's at the corner of National and National....), a few blocks west of Motor. Great food.

              Place on Lincoln, south of Washington, cleverly called Oriental Seafood Inn. Very good, fresh seafood.

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                Yes, yes, yes! I forgot about Oriental Seafood Inn - yummy and WAY better than JR. I love their wintermelon soup, crispy chicken (I'm a sucker for shrimp chips), and their seafood is fresh.