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Dec 16, 2007 09:17 AM

MSP: Heinz beans

I'm very fond of British-style beans on toast, which requires Heinz beans in a tomato sauce. However, these are very hard to find in this area. Does anyone know of local stores or supermarkets that carry Heinz beans? I live in the western suburbs.

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    1. Byerly's also carries them.

      1. Any Cub in the international food aisle.

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        1. re: NordeastB

          My local Cub must be an exception, because I've checked there several times and they have no British foods. I'll have to try another store. Thanks.

          1. re: French Canadian

            The smaller one by me does not have that International aisle either but Edina, St. Anthony and the big Fridley one do.

        2. I've seen them at World Market.


          1. You can actually buy them from the hostess @ Britt's. They have them and several other English "delicacies" in the case at the host stand when you walk in.