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Dec 16, 2007 08:56 AM

Can you get Clementines in Calgary?

Can't seem to find them here. They have them in Toronto (where I lived for 6 yrs), but none here...whats up with that? Any help is appreciated.

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  1. I don't know about Calgary, but I can't find good ones in Edmonton. I'm a former Ontarian, and have been very disappointed. I can sometimes find Chinese ones, but they are no where near as good as the Morrocan ones (Maroc brand) that were always available this time of year in southern Ontario.

    1. I have seen Clementines around - just not 100% sure. I know that Coop Midtown Market has them once in a while. I was also given a free clementine at Nectar on my way out on Thursday - so they have to be available somewhere (they are tiny though).

      Sorry im not more help than that.

      1. Ha! I am from Sask. living in Montreal and so disappointed that I can't find Japanese mandarin oranges in Montreal. They are far superior to the clementines! Everything else of course, is wonderful in Montreal. I have sent out search parties in Montreal looking for Japanese mandarins and no luck. Must be what you grew up with that you crave.

        1. I believe they had some at Real Canadian Superstore Country Hills last night if not I had some from Costco last Monday and went back Friday night and they didn't have any.

          I am a former ON girl, and I miss snow apples this time of year...and my favorite fall is Jonamac and lets not even start about corn!

          1. I remember seeing the moroccan (maroc wooden crate) ones in superstore in previous years. I agree these are much better than the chinese ones usually on offer in the local grocery stores. The japanese ones are usually much better, as eatwell has pointed out.