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May 3, 2000 05:44 PM

10 (?) Dudley in Venice?

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Anyone ever try this place? A friend of mine works there, but I have not had a chance to try it out... It made some best of LA list last year, I think.


(I am having a deja vu experience in which I imagine I have asked this before. If so please excuse and ignore. Otherwise, ignore this parenthetical comment. It is a figment of your imagination and speaks not to the mental state of the author.)

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  1. 5 Dudley is a TINY restaurant on an alley in Venice and is owned by a former insurance broker(he comes around to every table)- and is one of my favorite spots in town. There are no menus - waitstaff (very friendly and attentive I might add)tell you the appetizers, soups, salads and entrees for the night. Every night there is a different meat, fish, pasta and vegetarian dish. But they always have their signature roast chicken. Since the menu changes every night not everything is a hit but I would say 3 out of 4 times the food is excellent. It also tends to be very heavy (heavy sauces etc...)so it was terrific on a cold winter night. From what I remember (it's been six months or so) I've had an excellent monkfish there and terrific osso buco. I recall the side dishes were really special as well. The caesar salad (that you eat with your hands) is superlative and most of the desserts (also very heavy) are scrumptious. I also remember the soups were all very good. I haven't been in a while but can't wait to go back since you never know what you'll get. The wine list consists of mostly local wines (the owner sneers at Napa and Sonoma Valley wines) but you can bring your own bottle. Enjoy! P.S. there is talk of expanding it but I understand they haven't found the right spot yet.

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      What's the address? Please tell me! It sounds amazing...

      1. re: Jeff Shore

        It's at (drum roll please)....

        5 Dudley.

        Dudley is one of the tiny streets that runs perpendicular to the beach. It's one of the very central ones in Venice. Any map of the area ought to have it...

        Click below...


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          Oh, duh. (Thanks!)

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        Appears it may expand into the Cadillac Hotel across the street.

        It's about 40 yards from my house, and the food and service are generally excellent. As was previously mentioned, occasionally a dish misses, but overall they do a splendid job. Sauces can be heavy; they seem to be biased toward onion sauces/reductions of late. Perhaps an anomaly. Had a brilliant braised oxtails served over barley with a sour twinge a couple months back. Would be really good now that it's colder, especially with a really big red wine...

        The pastry chef (Matt, I think), has a thing for quirky twists on creme brulee. Have had a pickled ginger one and a purple mustard one. Both very interesting -- would order the ginger one again, but there was little memorable about the mustard one short of the novelty. I prefer my creme brulee a little more firm than he makes it, but its worth trying each new approach.

      3. Is the correct name, and it is VERY good!