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Dec 16, 2007 08:39 AM

I have a layover in Singapore

I arrive in Singapore at 10:35pm on February 19 and have a layover until I leave at 12.10 noontime the next day. Is it possible to leave the airport and eat some stuff at a hawker center and retur. in time for my flight home? I would love some advice on this.

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  1. THere should not be any problem as long as you have a valid visa to enter Singapore. Many hawker centers opened until 2am. I would recommend you go to Newton Hawker Center but if you are more adventurous, you can go to Geylang, where there is a long stretch of road that is crowded late at night with many varieties of food stores.

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      Newton Hawker Center *used* to be the place to go, but it has gone downhill drastically (very touristy). Maxwell Street is better, in Chinatown.

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        Maxwell Street is worth a deour from anywhere.

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          Newton has always been touristy and more expensive than other hawker centers. Many have complained about their recent renovation, but I guess due to its location and historical reputation, it has remained the most popular destination for tourists.
          Maxwell, on the other hand, is mainly for locals and office crowd. And I am really not sure if many stores there are opened past midnight. Amykate arrives at 10:35pm, which means will get to town past midnight hours, so that maybe something you have to double check.
          There are many hawker centers around Singapore. There is no such thing as a "best" one. Most people rate the individual stores rather than the hawker center. Most of the time, people would go to where they feel is more convenient for them.

      2. If you are short of time, there are two hawkers centres in the Airport, both of which are quite good. I prefer the one at Terminal 1.

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          Trouble with this is most are closed late at night. Also the suggestion to take the Metro (MRT) is good but it stops running from the airport around 11 or 11:30 pm.

          For late night geylang has a HUGE variety of food - from restaurants such as No Signboard (famous for chili crab and pepper crab- both black and white) to many chinese type places with 40 or 50 dishes on display that you can have a portion of - sort of fun to go by and look at the great variety..... and then there's the um.... other variety (it's a red light district - but I've never felt unsafe there - and the drunk men at the cafes seem more obvious to me than the "working girls" who seem pretty low key to me - not that I've had much experience with that.
          Anyway lots of great cheap food, closer to the airport (so cheaper to get a taxi back), lots of people on the street.... you get the idea

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            Yep - the airpot stalls do close on the early side, but they do open in the morning.

        2. For Americans the visa is no problem as long as your passport has 6 months validty. Take the Metro, go the Makansutra @ Gluttons Bay Hawker Center, the Metro stop is City Hall, it should be open until 3am. There is a hawker there (Boon tat Street BBQ?) that is also @ Lau Pa sat (also open late) that has a great bbq sting ray, also another one w/satays that are way killer. Try them not w/the standard peanut sauce but with the spicy dark brown almost black sauce.

          I can't tell you how mauch I loved Sing for the food. Sightseeing, eh, but the food is unbeatable. Goodle makansutra.

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