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Dec 16, 2007 08:11 AM

Tore my hair out over John's vs Grimaldi's

Hi, this is my first post on CH but have used the boards steadily in the weeks before our trip to NYC.

I really wanted to take my husband to a great pizza place. From the comments on CH, narrowed it down to John's and Grimaldi's and eventually settled on Grimaldi's. Won't go into it, as I know this is the Manhattan Board. But just wanted to say that what should have been a great trip to Grimaldi's was ruined by the pizza we had a Joe's and at Bleeker Street Pizza, both in the West Village. Only had plain cheese/tomato at both, but they were fabulous! Pizza we had a Grimaldi's was good, and I'm glad we went, but we were spoiled by what we had in the West Village. So much for best laid plans!!!

Also, thanks to those on this board who recommended Cafe Frida - had some great food and drink there.

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  1. I am always all about Joe's.

    1. Bleecker St. Pizza still rules!

      1. I've never understood the fuss over John's. It's a sweeter sauce, maybe? I guess if you like that 50's family style Italian taste, it's fun.I've had out of towners prefer John's over the other old timey places, but I always feel like most every town has an old pizza place making something equivalent., whereas Grimaldis is a lot more unique to New York. I've had really greasy pizza at John's that reminded me of something I'd get at a snackbar as a kid. It's the opposite of a rustic, artisan pizza, I think.

        All that matters though is that you found a version of pizza that met your taste bud ideals. It's great NY has these options, because isn't wasn't that long ago people were still arguing over which of two Ray's was the better pizza place.

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        1. re: sugartoof

          Agree on John's being a little off these days...I thought the same about Grimaldis too...however Arturos still solid and now my no.1...

          1. re: Scotty100

            Arturo's is pretty similar if I recall. They're a good comparison.
            I've only been once, and all I really remember was they burnt the crust (which I didn't mind, but I know most people would).

            Glad to hear they're making good pies these days.

            1. re: sugartoof

              one man's "burnt" is another man's "charred to perfection" I guess..I go with the latter...and arturos do it very well...

              1. re: Scotty100

                I agree with you Scotty -- on all counts.

          2. re: sugartoof

            Grimaldi's is far from artisanl, rustic or good.

          3. Don't go to either. They're both bound to disappoint tremendously. I know quite a few local slice places in Queens and a couple in Brookyln that are far better. That's for just a NY slice too.