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May 3, 2000 03:05 PM

Indonesian near Long Beach?

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I'm looking for a decent Indonesian restaurant. Has anyone tried the place in Bellflower (on Bellflower Blvd) called "Indonesian Restaurant"?

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  1. I'd like to hear about a good Indonesian restaurant in LA. I have eaten at several places that aren't that good, and I love Indonedian food.

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    1. re: elisha

      Los Angeles has a lot of pretty decent Indonesian restaurants, foremost among them Susie's Deli in Artesia (yummy Javanese dishes); Agung in Mid-Wilshire (spicy, very competent Padang-style dishes from Sumatra); Borobudur Garden (Javanese again) in San Gabriel and Sudi Mampir (homemade halal Javanese) in Van Nuys. Of the westside ones, Indo Cafe on Motor is the best: tasty martabak.

      1. re: Pepper

        Wow, you sure know you're Indonesian food! I want to try Susie's Deli, but am finding a listing for it in Tarzana instead of Artesia. Artesia is much closer to me, so if you're sure it's there could you please reply with a street name or more?

        Thanks a ton, Heather

        1. re: Heather

          Susie's Deli is at 12238 Artesia Blvd., Artesia, (562) 860-7272. Don't miss the definitive ayam pangang klaten, a frequent special of chicken fried with coconut cream and candlenuts.

    2. The place on Bellflower Blvd is called "Toko Rame" and serves Halal style Indonesian food. I ate there last week when I found that Susie's is closed on Mondays. I don't know much about Indonesian food to begin with, so any comments on the quality of food from me wouldn't be very trustworthy.