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Dec 16, 2007 07:39 AM

Wine Classes???

I am pretty new to the wine game and have started a cellar, which now contains about 100 bottles. I find myself addicted to buying it, the problem I am finding is that I dont know enough about it yet. I found some classes at George Brown but they are post grad certification courses. Is there anything around a little less formal. I live in Oakville but will travel anywhere in the GTA,


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  1. See 'Events and Courses' for something in your area. See 'The Basics' for... well... you know.

    1. I took a wine appreciation course at George Brown many years ago and it was the most valuable evening course I've ever taken. It was a credit course (we wrote an exam at the end, which I passed with flying colours, ha!) but it wasn't for post-grads, lots of people were there just for personal interest. And boy was it a lot of fun. They've got a lab set up for the class with light tables and spitting sinks. Most of us hardly ever spat so I guess that's why we had so much fun. We tasted maybe up to 10 wines a class, themed by country or region. Perhaps they offer that kind of class during other times of the year.

      Besides the LCBO, you might check Liaison College of Culinary Arts in Etobicoke. They occasionally offer recreational wine classes.

      Mimosa offers wine classes as well, although with the focus on food pairings -

      2497 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P2H6, CA

      Liaison College
      2974 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V, CA

        1. This is the Canadian organization that offers the WSET courses. IMO the best on the planet. (not to mention a lot of fun)

          The Brits who designed the courses are the best wine snobs on the planet.

          Mrs Scary and I took them about ten years ago. They are far better value than the very-expensive-for-what-you-get courses offered at the various wine "festivals" in the GTA.

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            Happened into JKWB over the last week and noted that Jamie Drummond is hosting a wine series again - worth the time if you can make the classes:

          2. If you can gather 10 or more like-minded friends, you can have Bill Munnelly of Billy's Best Bottles come to your home and run a wine tasting seminar, never been to one but it looks like fun -