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Dec 16, 2007 07:35 AM

Thai Restaurant

Looking for excellent Manhattan Thai Restaurant, any suggestions ?

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  1. i go to zabb city reasonably often (its also very close to where i live)...its good, but you've got to order the right dishes (some are good and some are just okay). I like the following:
    - Pork Labb (w/ a side order of sticky rice) - this is basically ground pork cooked with chilis in some type of lime / chili sauce (not a very saucy dish though)
    - Thai papaya salad (goes very well with pork labb) - thinly sliced pieces of papaya that almost taste like they've been pickled
    - Duck salad - this is chopped up pieces of crispy duck with slices of apple, i like this dish alot
    - Fried calamari - they have a nice fried calamari appetizer that is very tasty

    These are the dishes I order pretty consistently, I've also tried their red curry, fried rice, fish cake appetizer and curry puffs, all of which are alright but nothing to write home about,

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      The Labb is very good. I make it at home all the time now. It's such a easy, tasty, low cal dinner.

    2. You will get mixed reviews, but everyone I have taken there loves it. It seems like authentic thai food to me. My favorite dish is the Chicken Panang. One warning is that the pad thai is not made with sauce like the standard pad thai we are use to.

      You also have to try the soup. Anything that is served to your table with fire is a good thing.

      Warning Medium is hot and hot is insane.

      Jaiya 396 Third Avenue (at 28 th st.)