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Dec 16, 2007 07:00 AM

Brunch in Rockland County - More Upscale but have baby

I am in charge of selecting a restaurant for Brunch next Sunday and would like somewhere nice but not too upscale (since we are bringing my 9 month old baby.)

I am a big fan of Restaurant X (been to dinner there many times) and would like to try their Brunch, however, I'm not sure if this is the right place .to bring him. Was also thinking of Mt Fuji in Hillburn (been there once for dinner and I thought it was average for the high prices,) however, their brunch seems nice and reasonably priced $24.95.

Any other ideas as this is to celebrate my father's 60th birthday with my whole family. Thanks!

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  1. It's not a buffet-style brunch, but you could try Hudson House in Nyack. Attractive, excellent food, good service, and I've seen babies/young children welcomed there. Here's their brunch menu:

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      Thanks, we had dinner once before at the Hudson House and I thought it was very mediocre.

    2. There's a Hilton in Pearl River. During the holidays they usually have a buffet brunch not sure at other times. Also, I've never been there, but there is a champagne brunch in Nyack at La Fontana. Friends thought it was decent. Not sure about the baby part, but we would bring our baby out to many similar places, they never cried, but we would time it with nap time, and when they were awake the surounding noises seemed to have a calming effect. Having your whole family with you, I don't think you need to worry about the baby. I think you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself.

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        Do not go to Hudson House..........................I love Restuarant X..................It depends on the baby. It isn't fair to other diners if the baby is fussy.

      2. I saw a freind today. They were at Sunday brunch at La Fontana this past weekend. They told me they saw plenty of folks with kids, + a few babies. The brunch was great. It included all the beverages, champagne, mimosas, + shrimp, carving area, smoked salmon, traditional Itailian items, + other stuff for $19.00.

        1. Went to brunch at Mt Fuji years ago. Was not impressed. Best brunch I've been to is in Tenafly at the Clinton Inn.

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            As an update, we actually went to Mt Fuji and it was pretty good. A nice value for $24.95. They had over 60 dishes of all fairly good quality. The hightlights, were fresh made to order sushi (which was above average), nice large shrimp (already peeled), made to order omelette bar and several nice hot dishes (baby lamb chops, shrimp and steak dishes)

            It certainly wasn't Restaurant X (I have never gone to brunch there, but have enjoyed several dinners there.) but for the nice setting and price, everyone enjoyed. I would go back again without hesistation.

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              Sounds good. Thanks for the update. Where is MT. Fuji? Is the sushi ayce? Were the pieces heavy on the rice? thanks.

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                Mt Fuji is in Hillburn right off of Exit 15 on the Thruway. I have been there once for dinner and it was good, but very pricey for a hibachi dinner. The place is very nice inside, has great views and very appopriate for a somewhat formal brunch.

                The sushi was supringsly good, not your typical buffet sushi. They weren't too heavy on the rice with nice thick pieces of fish. You can always ask for sashimi (2 pieces per fish on each trip) which I had and they were very generous. The sushi was made to order and had a choice of salmon, tuna, crab, shrimp tempura nigri and calfornia rollls.

          2. We went to The Views at Mt Fuji for brunch this morning (Sunday 12/28) and there were many parties with babies and toddlers there. The brunch is a buffet so it's definitely appropriate to leave your seat and walk around with a restless child; there are also many public areas to take a child and even displays with dolls, costumes, etc to look at. On the negative side, the food is definitely mediocre. There is plenty of it, but nothing is really good. Sort of like a buffet on a 3rd rate cruise ship. On a 1 to 10 scale, I'd give it a "9" for child friendliness and a "5" for the food.