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Dec 16, 2007 06:49 AM

Cherry Creek North Denver

Have family staying at the Marriott there and looking for a Monday late lunch? Saw North... any feedback or better suggestions?

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  1. I haven't been in a while since CC is not my ordinary "stomping grounds" (now that the Tattered Cover has moved to East Colfax and I haven’t needed more furniture from Room & Board), but Elway's actually has good food and service (and they're open for lunch on Mondays). It's within walking distance of the JW Marriott on Clayton in front of the Cherry Creek Shopping Center and is helmed by notable Denver Chef Tyler Wiard. It violates the rule that restaurants opened by former sports heroes are solely misguided attempts at recapturing the limelight.

    1. Unfortunately I do believe that the in house restaurant Mirepoix is closed for renovations. I have heard that they were closing the FOH but the room service menu might be available and seriously worth looking at.

      North is decent and in the evenings very popular. Pasta and Pizza. Prime 121 is also a steak house and very good. I had lunch there about a month and a half ago and was impressed enough to book two work parties there.

      There are plenty of varied dining experiences around the area.

      In the mall there is the Kona Grill - pizza and fish (it sounds like a weird combination but they do it well). There is also the Italian based bistro fare at the Nordstrom Cafe.

      Also within walking distance for lunch is:
      Hapa Sushi for Japanese and Sushi

      Cherry Cricket - bar food and great greasy burgers

      Zaidy's Deli - good deli food (depending on the weather a nice walk but it is about 6 blocks from the JW)

      Extreme Pizza recently opened and is supposed to be very good. It is also about 6 blocks away from the hotel.

      For make your own designed salads Mad Greens (and I think there is a pizza place next to it) is under the Village Inn on the corner of Columbine.

      Rodneys is on 2nd and about a block and a half away, they have a varied menu including burgers, pastas, salads and fish. We have eaten there many times and enjoyed. It is not chow worthy, but great for middle of the road good food.

      Little Ollies is very popular for high end chinese fare. They are located on the corner of Third and Josephine. They are popular and have a great reputation. I have eatn there a couple of times and enjoyed.

      Tula is open for lunch and serves Mexican. I haven't eaten there myself but perhaps someone else on the board can report back.

      If you want a list of the dining in the area I link you to:

      This is the list of the current restaurants open in the area. There are many chains and many restaurants and bars listed there as well.

      Your family will have many options and surely will find something amazing.

      My favorites are: Hapa Sushi, Sushi Tazu, Crepes and Crepes, Tambien (but in all honesty I have only had drinks there), Prime 121, Cherry Cricket, Brix (but I don't know if they are open for lunch) and Cucina Calore.

      1. I'd argue that Sushi Tazu mops the floor with Hapa any day of the week, for the same price no less.

        As fru fru as it might be, I'm usually never disappointed with the Cherry Creek Grill.

        Shoot... down the street from there on the lower level is a Mexican place owned by the folks who own Mezcal. It's also decent, the fish tacos are more than decent.

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          John: I didn't include Cherry Creek Grill! bad... and didn't include Tazu because I honestly don't know if they are open for lunch, I have only been for dinner and it is good, I will agree. Hapa is right around the corner though so, convenience won out on mentioning it. And when I go I never am disappointed. But Sushi is like wine.. everyone favors something different! Good call on Cherry Creek Grill. Everyone always wants to go there if it is mentioned as an option. Glad you mentioned it.

          1. re: johndicker

            Sushi Tazu is definitely tops on my list of sushi in Denver after Sushi Den due to reasonable, affordable prices and real Japanese style (not heavy in the usual gringo-roll dept)... open for lunch, too! And not just sushi, but also donbury bowls and all sorts of other yummies.

          2. I agree that Cherry Creek Grill is good. I can still taste a wonderful ahi tuna salad I had there a couple of months ago.

            I completely disagree on the Kona Grill recommendation as I've never had a good meal there and have nearly walked out due to poor service with attitude and very underpoured cocktails. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

            I've had Hapa sushi and want to try Sushi Tazu but they were closed the last time I wanted to go (late afternoon).

            I've only had appetizers and drinks at North but they were good and I've heard good things about dinner there.

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            1. re: RobynS

              Kona Grill is part of a multi-state chain. The one in CC may be different, but I will never know since I ended up at one in Texas that was really uninspiring and would not willingly go back.

              North is part of the Fox Restaurant Concepts group which owns Bloom at Flatiron Crossing Mall, Sauce in the DTC, and several Norths and other "concepts" in Arizona. Many people seem to enjoy North and Bloom, but after multiple visits over the years, I personally don't get them. The food is always plated well, the atmosphere/decor in both places is agreeable, service is occasionally unpolished but friendly, and you won't be served anything truly inedible, but there just seems to be something missing for me. I've always felt full when leaving, but not satisfied.

              As for food at the Marriott since Mirepoix closed, according to Sheehan in Westword, it is coming from Prime 121 across the street until the group that owns the Corner Office can open Second Home Kitchen and Bar in March:

              1. re: rlm

                North is fine for a salad-y lunch. I was underwhelmed by the fare (or at least my entree) at The Corner Office, tho' I do like the disco ball in the ladies' loo.

                1. re: ClaireWalter

                  While Corner Office's menu gets points for funk like chicken & waffles and "breakfast for dinner," the execution is merely fine, no more, no less. If they wind up there, though, there's a decent grilled cheese w/ tomato soup. If they imbibe when the sun's still high, they also make a mean espresso martini, which most bars gunk up w/ too much liqueur, but they keep simple and highly charged.

                  1. re: tatamagouche

                    My excursions to the Corner Office have all been in liquid format (except for some breakfast potatoes with onions and peppers once at breakfast with a mimosa). So is the grilled cheese the only decent thing on offer then? (The post-it-notes in the baños are also entertaining.)

                    1. re: rlm

                      No, everything I've had (which also includes the chorizo quesadilla and the lemon edamame) is decent--but again, no more, no less. If I were downtown and with a cocktail-minded crew (as was the case the times I've been), I'd be fine with ending up there. But I wouldn't make a special trip for the eats.

                    2. re: tatamagouche

                      Spring rolls pretty good. Tikka masala w/ basmatic rice pretty bad (too salty, NO sauce). Dessert pretty forgettable.

                2. re: RobynS

                  hear hear... agreed that Kona Grill is pretty dreadful with service and food is also lacking in quality. but, their happy hour is really great as long as the crowd isn't insane. Cheap good food AND drinks (a rare combination)

                3. I'm not impressed with North. Have had a just so-so dinner there, nothing exceptional. It's surprising, since it's owned by the same outfit that also runs Bloom in Flatirons. I don't know how down-to-earth your family is but one of my favorites in Cherry Creek is The Squealing Pig pub. Looks pretty grim from the outside, but warm & inviting inside. Nice selection of beer and Irish Whiskey. Their Scottish Egg is outstanding!