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May 2, 2000 08:03 PM

Carbonara etc.

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I just got back last night from a jump over to Italy (and boy am feeling the pain of jet lag right now) where I savored dishes such as rigatoni alla carbonara in a funky Roman osteria. Where can I find a simple well-executed version (as well as bucatini all' amatriciana) here that's not messed up with extra junk like peas, carrots, cream etc? We ate many a wonderful meal at great prices (the dollar rocks now!) and what a relief to have food first and not the scene. The best sandwiches I've ever had still cost 4,000 lire, same as they did 5 years ago. But enough of this non-LA tangent.

Seeing the board today was a nice surprise--after not checking during vacation I was so pleased to see all the new activity! So, no one has any response to my Russian question???

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  1. Jessica--

    PLEASE don't tease us like this!

    I implore you to go right now to the International board and spill where in Venice you had all this good stuff. If you didn't save address/phone info and thorough notes, at least give hints (and next time keep matchbooks!)